Thunderdome Statistics

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Thunderdome was a competition held in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 43. It was basically a series of 1-on-1 fights between each member of Achievement Hunter (minus Ryan) inside of a fenced-in area. The winner of the fight had the opportunity to select a random chest to obtain a random item that could help them win the next fight, such as a sword or armor. Some of the chests contain a gold block, which if found, the person that finds it gets to erect that gold block on their obsidian podium. The goal was to find 4 gold blocks to create a full Tower of Pimps. Ryan did not compete since he had switched the items within the chests and would have most likely known where all of the gold blocks were, therefore he decided to be the operator of the gate that allows the competitors to enter the arena while also locking the competitors in. Also, if both competitors killed each other, the fight would be ruled a tie, meaning that both competitors would have to go back to the stands, neither of them would get an item, and the next two people in line would fight. Below is a list of each fight, the winner, and the item that was obtained by the winner.

Note: If the losing competitor of a fight dropped the item he was using, the winning competitor was allowed to pick up the item and use it without any penalty.

The Thunderdome Arena

  • If it says "Nothing" in the "Item Obtained" column, it means the winner chose an empty chest.
  • If there are two names in the "Challenger" column, it's because the previous fight was a tie.
  • If it says "N/A" in the "Item Obtained" column, it's because that fight was a tie, meaning that both competitors couldn't choose an item.
Fight # Champion Challenger Winner Item Obtained
1 N/A Ray and Gavin Ray 2 Apples
2 Ray Jack Ray 16 Snowballs
3 Ray Geoff Geoff Potion of Harming
4 Geoff Michael Michael 2 Webs
5 Michael Gavin Michael Bread
6 Michael Ray Tie N/A
7 N/A Geoff and Jack Jack Splash Potion of Slowness
8 Jack Gavin Gavin Nothing
9 Gavin Ray Ray Gold Block (1)
10 Ray Geoff Geoff Flint and Coal
11 Geoff Michael Michael Nothing
12 Michael Gavin Gavin Gold Block (1)
13 Gavin Ray Ray Wooden Sword
14 Ray Jack Ray Nothing
15 Ray Geoff Ray Gold Block (2)
16 Ray Michael Ray Enchanted Bow
17 Ray Gavin Ray Golden Pickaxe
18 Ray Jack Ray Mushroom Stew
19 Ray Geoff Tie N/A
20 N/A Michael and Gavin Michael Raw Chicken
21 Michael Ray Ray Iron Boots
22 Ray Jack Ray Raw Fish
23 Ray Geoff Geoff Gold Chestplate
24 Geoff Michael Geoff Water Bottle
25 Geoff Gavin Gavin Dandelion
26 Gavin Ray Ray Leather Cap
27 Ray Jack Jack Gravel
28 Jack Geoff Geoff Gold Block (1)
29 Geoff Michael Michael Gold Block (1)
30 Michael Gavin Michael Web
31 Michael Ray Ray Cake
32 Ray Jack Jack Potion of Healing
33 Jack Geoff Geoff Leather Tunic
34 Geoff Michael Michael Stone Sword and Ender Pearl
35 Michael Gavin Michael 2 Cookies
36 Michael Ray Michael Egg
37 Michael Jack Michael Nothing
38 Michael Geoff Michael Gold Block (2)
39 Michael Gavin Michael Gold Block (3)
40 Michael Ray Michael Nothing
41 Michael Jack Michael Torch
42 Michael Geoff Michael Sign
43 Michael Gavin Michael Wooden Sword
44 Michael Ray Michael Gold Block (4)
WINNER Michael