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This is the page for the King Competitions in the Let's Play Minecraft series. For a list of competitions from the Let's Play GTA V series, go to GTA V King Competitions"

"Hello, loyal subjects."  ~ King Geoff

"It's good to be King"  ~ King Ryan

"As you know, I am a fan of blazing it up and smoking that herb."  ~ King Ray

"This is King Michael, but I'm calling it King Mogar"  ~ King Michael

"Welcome to the King's private game reserve" ~ Mad King Ryan

"Finally!" ~ King Gavin

The Achievement Hunter Royal Court was first seen in Let's Build - King Geoff and it has currently been used in 6 Minecraft Let's Plays. The Royal Court is where the King of Achievement Hunter resides and rules over the other Achievement Hunters. The first King was Geoff in Episode 57. Since then, competitions have been held where the

File:Royal court.jpg
The Royal Court

King assigns tasks to his subjects and whoever completes the task first gets a piece of the Tower of Pimps. The competition keeps going until someone has a completed Tower of Pimps, and that person wins the competition and gets to be the new King of Achievement Hunter. Listed below are the Royal Court competitions:

King Geoff - Episodes 57 and 58[edit | edit source]

Task Can you kill each other? Winner
Fight to the death without weapons Yes Michael
Make a pond in the court, fish a fish out of it, and cook it in front of the King No Ryan
Get 6 skeleton bones Yes Ryan
Put a sign at the top of the Altar of Pimps that says "(Player's name) was here" Yes Ryan
Build a wall and hang up the Kung-Fu picture No Michael
Shoot yourself with an arrow No Ryan


King Ryan - Episodes 60 and 61[edit | edit source]

Task Can you kill each other? Winner
Retrieve a piece of yellow wool from the bottom of Felix Baumgartner Yes Geoff
Get 5 pieces of meat (must be cooked in the court) Yes Michael
Get a chest plate of any material (must be in 3rd person) No Jack
Fight to the death without weapons (must be in 3rd person looking at yourself) Yes Michael
Grow a tree inside the court No Ray
Foot race to Capture the Tower and back Yes Ray
Build to the top of the world and back down No Gavin
Make a pool of lava in the court Yes Geoff
Dig down to bedrock and back up Yes Michael
Get a rose and dandelion Yes Ray
Commit suicide in front of the King No Geoff
Grow wheat inside the court No Ray

King Ray - Episodes 65 and 66[edit | edit source]

Task Can you kill each other? Winner
Get 10 leaf blocks Yes Gavin
Make a snow golem inside the court No Jack
Make a chest and fill it with items (each slot must be something different) Yes Michael
Tame a wolf and bring it back to the court No Geoff
Get a full set of armor (each set must be a different material) Yes Michael
Get a book Yes Geoff
Get a cauldron and fill it with water Yes Geoff
Get a dispenser No Ryan
Get mushroom stew Yes Gavin
Make a cake and destroy it in front of the King Yes Jack
Get a piece of magenta dye No Michael
Get a fermented spider eye Yes Ryan
Get a block of mossy cobblestone No Jack
Get a jukebox Yes Michael
WINNER Michael

King Michael - Episode 79[edit | edit source]

  • Everyone started off with one gold block due to the requirements of the first task
Task Can you kill each other? Winner
Make a baby animal in the court No Ryan
Kill an Enderman No Gavin
Build a flag in front of your house in Dark Achievement City and then bring a piece of Netherrack back to the King No Ray
Get 5 different pieces of food No Ray
Completely encase yourself in glass No Ryan
Be the last man standing in a pit filled with zombies Yes Ryan

Mad King Ryan - Episodes 89 and 90[edit | edit source]

Task Can you kill each other? Winner
Be the last man alive (The King and his assistant are the killers) Yes Gavin
Climb up the back of Geoff's house and hit the note block Yes Jack
Collect the most pieces of steak Yes Ray
Obtain the most amount of teamkills Yes Michael
Retrieve a cow egg from a bedrock house underneath Achievement City Yes Geoff
Completely destroy a previous Let's Play or Things To Do In area and bring back one piece of its structure Yes Ray
Kill the real Gavin (All players must have the Creeper skin) Yes Michael
Be the last man standing in a game of "Russian Roulette" No Ray
1-on-1 fights (Players must swap controllers) Yes Ray
Find and kill "Edgar" in a bedrock maze (FINAL CHALLENGE) Yes Gavin

King Gavin - Episodes 121 and 122[edit | edit source]

Task Can you kill each other? Winner
Retrieve the King's crown Yes Ryan
Get a full set of same-color armor by fighting each other Yes Michael
Use wood and wool to craft something and kill yourself with it No Geoff
Retrieve your name sign from "The Credits" No Ryan
Play the X-Ray and Vav theme song No Ryan
Jump and land in a 1x1 square of water No Ray
Build a wooden structure in the court No Geoff
Shoot the invisible King with an arrow No Ray
Craft a bookshelf using sugar cane and place it on your colored wool space No Ray
Reach a tree in the sky by growing trees and climbing No Jack
Boat race up a water spout No Jack
Build a TNT Cannon and fire a shot No Michael
Dye your full set of leather armor 4 different colors No Jack
Eat a full cake No Michael
Ride your pig to its death (you must survive) No Geoff
Arrow duel in the sky Yes Ryan

King Ryan III or King Jack - Episode ???[edit | edit source]

  • During the 'The World Is Lava' trilogy, Ryan tried to pass responsibility for the next King video to Jack. There were debates on whether he was allowed to do this, but recent comments (notably by Geoff in an AMA) suggest it's been allowed. For now, though, it should be assumed that either could do the next King video.
  • Table will be added after the King Ryan III (title subject to change) or King Jack video.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Longest Competition King Gavin
Shortest Competition King Geoff
Most Amount of Task Completers King Gavin
Least Amount of Task Completers King Geoff
Most Completed Tasks Michael
Least Completed Tasks Gavin
Most Number of Reigns Ryan (3)
Least Number of Reigns Jack (0)
Upcoming King Ryan
Most Amount of Ties King Gavin (5)