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"It's like you filter out dumb and then give me the bits of paper" ~Gavin talking to Michael

Let's Play Minecraft Episode 95: Monopoly is the 95th episode of Achievement Hunter's Minecraft Let's Play Series.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Game Pieces[edit | edit source]

The game pieces were represented by heads. Two were mandatory and the other three were optional. They are as follows:

  • Gavin = Creeper (mandatory)
  • Ray = Steve (mandatory)
  • Michael = Wither Skeleton
  • Ryan = Zombie
  • Jack = Skeleton

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like in Spring Harvest the currency was Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots and Diamonds.
    • Geoff continuously referred to the Iron Ingots as Silver Ingots.
  • Ryan was losing his voice during this video. At the start, Jack attempted to impersonate him saying "Excuse me, I need to eat your babies" but was told by Ryan that he couldn't impersonate him anymore.
  • Ryan said that he felt fine. Michael said that "He felt fine" would be on Ryan's tombstone.
  • A new location was marked as the "Bang tree". It was a random tree that Gavin and Ray started humping. It was marked with a sign by Ryan.
  • The dice value were represented by objects being shot out of a dispenser
    • Chicken = 1
    • Magma Cream = 2
    • Slime = 3
    • Ender Pearl = 4
    • Cake = 5
    • Blaze Rod = 6
  • Jail was replaced by Edgar's Hole. The square for 'go to jail' was replaced with a picture of Edgar's face.
  • This was the third time Geoff and Gavin made the Achievement Hunter logo in Minecraft. The first was in Achievement City and the second was in Dark Achievement City
    • Geoff claimed that it "doesn't get any fucking easier" whenever they have to build it.
  • Jack's first chance card was supposed to read 'You won second place in a Dan The Man look-alike contest' however Geoff, claiming to have been rushed, accidentally wrote 'one' instead of 'won'
  • When Michael got the 'Just Blazed' chance card a lighter sound effect and smoke was added. On his next turn Michael asked for the screen to get progressively hazier. On his second skipped turn, Michael was spinning around and hippy colors appeared on his screen.
  • Nobody was in Edgar's hole the entire game.

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