Kung Fu House

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Kung Fu House was originally created as a storage room for Gavin and Geoff when Minecraft was still in survival mode.

When Ryan began to frequently appear in Minecraft Let's Plays, he was given Kung Fu as his house. Geoff promised him that eventually he would be built a proper house. It is called "Kung Fu House" due to being covered in the Fighters painting by Kristoffer Zetterstrand. Animals have been noted to be attracted to this house, and over the years ocelots, pigs, cows, and a few chickens have been known to wander in. On top of Kung Fu House in a pen is a pig Ryan has named Sir Oinkins.

Inside[edit | edit source]

Inside of the house is a hole with Edgar the Cow in it and a glass container with a chicken named Edgar III and a sign that says "In case of emergency, BREAK GLASS KILL CHICKEN."

Renovations/Updates[edit | edit source]

Ryan has expanded Kung Fu House during a few Let's Plays, both above and below ground. He has created a "better" hole for Edgar and a holding pen below ground as well. There is currently two cows, including Edgar, in the below ground cage area and two pigs, including Sir Oinkins, above his house.

Recently, from Episode 217-219, Ryan's house has been moved underground from its original location. There is a rail track leading to his underground house with the entire content duplicated, including all animals. Above his house, on the ground, there are ten glass panes, 2x5, so the rest of the crew can look down at him.