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The American company Nock Co. has had a wide variety of products since their start in 2013, and they occasionally create limited release products.

These have been as small batches, limited edition, and exclusive products in various colorways. Many of these have been as incentives, both for crowdfunding campaigns, and conference releases for in-person sales. Nock Co. has also released small batches of colorways as part of their 'Small Batch' and 'Blue Label' product lines.

Chronological List[edit | edit source]

  • Peacock Blue Hightower - As part of the original Kickstarter in 2013, there was a backers-only edition of the Hightower, their 3-pen, 1-notebook case. The limited edition colorway sported a Peacock Blue exterior and Midnight interior.
  • 'Smango' Fodderstack - A 20-count run of a Fodderstack variant in late 2014 that was packaged with DustyBlue DotDash notecards. This limited run case sported the affectionately-named 'Smango' color combo: Snow White-exterior / Mango-interior [1].
  • 'Snowjay' Fodderstack - Another 20-count run of color variant Fodderstack in 2014. The colorway included Snow White-exterior / Blue Jay-interior [2].
  • 'Union Jack' Hightower - A backers-only incentive for The Pen Addict Live Atlanta 2015 event was a pre-release of a summertime colorway for their Hightower case, with a run of 300. The exterior bore a Forest green fabric, and the interior a Sunshine yellow, along with a special edition, 'Union Jack' logo tag, to celebrate flying Myke Hurley out to the pen show that year. The case also included a Nock Co. DotDash notebook.
  • Superstition pen case - A collaboration with Karas Kustoms in late 2015 released a 120-run, limited edition colorway of the Sinclair. The zipped, 3-pen, 1-notebook case had a gray exterior, blue interior, and special Arizona flag-Karas Kustoms logo. As part of the collaboration, Karas Kustoms released a branded notebook line and a matte red and copper combination of their EDK pen. In keeping with Nock Co.'s tradition of naming their cases after geography, the namesake for the case comes from the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, home to Karas Kustoms.
  • Small Batch - In 2014, Nock Co. announced a line that mixed and matched current colorways in small batches. The batch ran two variants of the Hightower cases: Black-exterior / Hot Pink-interior, and Sky Blue-exterior / Black-interior[3]. The idea was expanded into the Nock Co. 'Blue Label' series in 2016.
  • #200 Pen Addict notebook - As a Kickstarter incentive for the 2016 Atlanta live recording of The Pen Addict, a Pen Addict-branded pocket-sized notebook was available to backers for the 200th episode. The branding was a highly detailed embossed image of The Pen Addict logo on orange paper, with the paper inside printed with an orange dot-dash grid.
  • Cumberland 'Penvelope' - Available only at the Atlanta 2016 Pen Show, Nock Co. offered a new, product style named Cumberland. This was the launch of their 'Blue Label' line, which in the spirit of 'Small Batch' offered new products and colorways in small quantities. 'Blue Label' products bear a special blue logo tag with Japanese kanji for 'blue'. The product was nicknamed a 'penvelope', as the case was cut to look like an envelope. It could carry up to 3 pocket-sized notebooks and 3 pens. The flap closed with a press-snap, a first. The exterior fabric was a navy blue, with red interior, and only 40 were made for the show. [4] The name comes from Cumberland Island, Georgia. This style of product was revived in a new colorway in 2017, and renamed the Sapelo.
  • Oconee Wallet - Another entry for the 'Blue Label' line, Nock Co. offered a slim, low-profile wallet, named Oconee, in July 2016. A total of 30 were made: 15 in a black-exterior / Mango-interior, and 15 in a Forest-exterior / Pink-interior, each with black trimmings. Each order also came with a 3-pack of the runoff, #200 Pen Addict notebooks [5]. Oconee is a namesake from a river in Georgia.
  • Lanier A5 Notebook - When Nock Co. launched their Lanier case product on Kickstarter in 2016, a stretch goal included a 3-pack of A5-sized, Nock Co.-branded notebook. The branding is another embossed logo, on gray cover, and dot-dash grid interior. The limited edition was set at one thousand 3-packs.[6]
  • Sapelo 'penvelope' - In funding the Pen Addict 2017 'tour', backers were able to stake their claim on a limited edition colorway of the Sapello, the previously-named Cumberland case. The 2017 variant was designated Sapelo, after Sapelo Island, Georgia. This backers-only colorway had an orange interior, gray exterior and 2017 Pen Addict logo tag.
  • Tacticool Sinclair - As a celebration for Fountain Pen Day 2016, Nock Co. designed and gave away a special build of their Sinclair case. This "gnarly" case included Woodland Camo-exterior / Black-interor, and additional features of an Orange bottom panel, a velcro patch side, bands of MOLLE webbing, and yellow Monkey Fist paracord pulls on the zippers. The giveaway included a 3-pack of the #200 Pen Addict notebooks, a Fishing Vest enamel pin, and sticker set [7].
  • Lime Green Lookout - The in-person offerings at the Atlanta Pen Show 2017 included a conference-only colorway: Forest Green-exterior / Lime Green-interior.
  • Microwax Sinclair - Another Atlanta 2017 exclusive was a Sinclair case with microwax canvas, which is very durable but very smooth to the touch. This is the first product to have been in this material.
  • Leather Fodderstack XL - A third Atlanta 2017 exclusive was an XL-sized Fodderstack, but stitched as a leather case, rather than the usual canvas. This is the first product to have been in leather.
  • Fodderstack Mini - For the Chicago Pen Show 2017, Nock Co. teased and released a mini variant to the Fodderstack in various colorways, including: Orange-exterior / Yellow-interior, Sky Blue-exterior / dark Yellow-interior, and Forest Green-exterior / Blue-interior. This new size is said to fit business card-sized paper, and mini- or pocket-pens such as the Kaweco Sport or Fisher Space Pen.

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