The Hightower

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Product name::The Hightower
Manufacturer: Made by::Nock Co.
First released: First released::June 2014
Discontinued: Still available
Made in : Made in::USA
Limited Edition: Not a limited product

A paper goods and 3-pen case designed and distributed by Nock Co., that was part of the company's initial offerings for its Kickstarter campaign[1]. The case is a bi-fold designed to hold one pocket-sized notebook and 3 pens on the opposite fold. A flap covers the stitched pen sheaths, so that pen clips don't damage notebooks when closed. The product was offered again during Nock Co.'s campaign to fund The Pen Addict liveshow 2015[2]

This product was named after a mountain in Northern Georgia, USA.


Limited Runs[edit | edit source]

Since its inception in Summer 2014, there have been a handful of limited color variants. Here are some of them.

  • Limited run::Peacock Blue Hightower - As part of the original Kickstarter in 2013, there was a backers-only edition of the Hightower, their 3-pen, 1-notebook case. The limited edition colorway sported a Peacock Blue exterior and Midnight interior.
  • Limited run::'Union Jack' Hightower - A backers-only incentive for The Pen Addict Live Atlanta 2015 event was a pre-release of a summertime colorway for their Hightower case, with a run of 300. The exterior bore a Forest green fabric, and the interior a Sunshine yellow, along with a special edition, 'Union Jack' logo tag, to celebrate flying Myke Hurley out to the pen show that year. The case also included a Nock Co. DotDash notebook.
  • Limited run::Small Batch 2015 - In Fall 2015, Nock Co. announced its intent to produce small batches of unique items, the first of which were two new colorways for the Hightower: a Black-exterior / Hot Pink-interior, and a Sky Blue-exterior / Black-interior. [3]

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