The Oconee

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Product name::The Oconee
Manufacturer: Made by::Nock Co.
First released: First released::July 2016
Discontinued: Discontinued::December 2016
Made in : Made in::USA
Limited Edition: Limited edition::true

The Oconee is a bi-fold, slim profile wallet, designed and distributed by Nock Co.. As a product, the Oconee was released as part of a short run 'Blue Label' items in July 2016 [1]. The design has one full-height pocket, and a partial-height pocket / flap, allowing for loose bills and cards to be carried with ease.

The Oconee hasn't been available since its 60-count run for the 'Blue Label' product line sold out in late 2016.

The wallet is named for a river in Georgia, USA.

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