The Cumberland

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Product name::The Cumberland
Manufacturer: Made by::Nock Co.
First released: First released::2016
Discontinued: Still available
Made in : Made in::USA
Limited Edition: Limited edition::true

The Cumberland is a paper goods and pen carrying case by American company Nock Co.. Affectionately nicknamed the 'penvelope', this product is modeled and cut to look like a stationery envelope. The body of the penvelope has enough depth to hold 3 pocket-sized notebooks, while the flap has a pocket for 3 clip pens to sit. The flap is secured by a press-snap, a first for Nock Co. Despite having two named-editions, the format has not been released publicly, yet.

Limited Runs[edit | edit source]

The "penvelope" cut was originally introduced to the public in 2016. Since then it has received 2 names, and had specific colorways for limited run availability.

Both names come from islands in Georgia: Cumberland on the Southeast coast, and Sapelo about 40 miles North.

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