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Karas Kustoms
IndustryWriting instruments
FounderBill Karas
Key people
Dan Bishop, Paul Bennett
ProductsWriting instruments, Pen Stands

Karas Kustoms is a machine shop in Mesa, AZ. Originally machining hot rod parts, but in 2011 they created a Kickstarter for the Render K, a machined pen that takes multiple different refills. Since then they've introduced several different pens, including some special/limited edition models.

Pens[edit | edit source]

Bolt[edit | edit source]

The Bolt is a machined bolt action rollerball pen. It is available in aluminum, brass, or copper. There are two sizes of the Bolt, a version for Parker sized refills, or a longer version that can fit Pilot G2 style refills.

EDK[edit | edit source]

The EDK is a smaller, compact rollerball "clicky" pen. Available in mix and match aluminum, copper or brass, meaning you can select the material for the upper or lower of the pen. It uses Parker style refills. The design of the EDK features rings on the grip section, and knurling at the back of the pen near the knock.

INK[edit | edit source]

The INK is the largest pen available from Karas. It is a machined pen, available in aluminum, brass, or copper. The aluminum comes either raw, or anodized in several colors, and can also be stonewashed. The brass and copper models are left raw to patina as it ages. There is also the option of getting the INK in either clipped or clippless versions. The INK is available as a fountain pen, using Bock #6 nibs, or as a rollerball compatible with Pilot G2 cartridges or Parker ballpoint refills. The grip is interchangable between the fountain pen and rollerball models, and is available a few different finishes/materials.

K Series[edit | edit source]

The K series pens are compact machined pens, available as the Fountain K, the fountain pen, or the Render K, the rollerball. It comes in three sizes, the standard, the mini, which is a short, pocket sized pen, or the Bar Stock, which is similar to the standard model, but the barrel is not tapered down. Like the INK, it is available in aluminum, brass, and copper. The Barstock version is also available in other materials; Delrin, and Phenolic(Micarta) have both been used. The Fountain K uses a Bock #5 nib, and the rollerball version takes Pilot G2 cartridges or Parker ballpoint refills, although the mini version only fits the Parker style refills.

Decograph[edit | edit source]

On May 24, 2017 the Karas Kustoms Instagram feed started to tease the release of a 'signature pen line'[1]. Following the initial teaser image, other product shots and a wireframe view of the pen were teased on various social media platforms ahead of the official announcement.

The Decograph was released to Coin Club Members on August 31, 2017, and to the public on September 15, 2017. Originally available in only black, a semi-transparent emerald green version was available soon afterwards. The Decograph takes a #6 Bock nib, and is made from thermoplastic and featured machined aluminum accents. The clip, cap finial, and barrel finally are all machined from solid 6061 aluminum.

Limited Releases[edit | edit source]

Karas Kustoms has released special editions of their products, including custom partnerships with other companies, limited edition colorways and material combinations, as well as small batch creations to test new colors and designs. An accounting of some of their additions can be found on Karas Kustoms Limited Releases.

Pen Holders[edit | edit source]

Karas Kustoms has worked with Mike Dudek of Dudek Modern Goods and introduced a machined version of the Cube. The Cube is machined out of a solid block of either aluminum or brass, and delrin inserts are pressed into the metal to protect your pens from rubbing against the pen holes. Originally the Cube was available as only a 9 pen holder, but recently they've introduced a 6 pen/business card holder, and a 3 pen and notebook holder.

Karas Pen Club Coin[edit | edit source]

In July 2017, Karas Kustoms released a limited edition "pen club coin" as a sort of membership. Holders of this coin would be able to present it to a Karas Kustoms official table or employee and able to obtain special swag. The membership also includes first notice and "dibs" of special offers and limited runs of test products.[2]

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