The Sinclair

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Product name::The Sinclair
Manufacturer: Made by::Nock Co.
First released: First released::November 2015
Discontinued: Still available
Made in : Made in::USA
Limited Edition: Not a limited product

A zippered 3-pen and one memobook paper goods case designed and distributed by Nock Co. This product was launched in November 2015[1]. The zippered design allows for this case to be carried on its own, or within another bag with little fear of misplacing pens.

This product was named after a lake in central Georgia, USA.

Limited Runs[edit | edit source]

Since its inception in Summer 2014, there have been a handful of limited color variants and size offerings. Here are some of them.

  • Limited run::Superstition pen case - A collaboration with Karas Kustoms in late 2015 released a 120-run, limited edition colorway of the Sinclair. The zipped, 3-pen, 1-notebook case had a gray exterior, blue interior, and special Arizona flag-Karas Kustoms logo. As part of the collaboration, Karas Kustoms released a branded notebook line and a matte red and copper combination of their EDK pen. In keeping with Nock Co.'s tradition of naming their cases after geography, the namesake for the case comes from the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, home to Karas Kustoms.
  • Limited run::Tacticool Sinclair - As a celebration for Fountain Pen Day 2016, Nock Co. designed and gave away a special build of their Sinclair case. This "gnarly" case included Woodland Camo-exterior / Black-interor, and additional features of an Orange bottom panel, a velcro patch side, bands of MOLLE webbing, and yellow Monkey Fist paracord pulls on the zippers. The giveaway included a 3-pack of the #200 Pen Addict notebooks, a Fishing Vest enamel pin, and sticker set [2].
  • Limited run::Microwax Sinclair - Another Atlanta 2017 exclusive was a Sinclair case with microwax canvas, which is very durable but very smooth to the touch. This is the first product to have been in this material.

References and Notes[edit | edit source]