The Lanier

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Product name::The Lanier
Manufacturer: Made by::Nock Co.
First released: First released::June 2017
Discontinued: Still available
Made in : Made in::USA
Limited Edition: Not a limited product

A slim briefcase design and distributed by Nock Co. as an answer to many fans asking for a "bag-in-bag" product. Due to the wildly different format and design, Nock Co. launched a new Kickstarter campaign specifically for this product. The Lanier sports a single hand strap for easy carrying, and is sized to easily carry various paper pads, pens, electronics, and other tools. There is a zippered pouch on the exterior of the case, and sleeves on the interior to divide areas for paper pads and pens, apart from the main sleeve. An A5-sized, zippered insert pouch is included, allowing for separate storage.

Initial offerings of the Lanier gave backers an option for a Black-exterior / Aqua-interior colorway, or an Olive-exterior / Lime Green-interior variant.

This product was named after a Lake Sidney Lanier in Northern Georgia, USA.

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