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Sapote is a Wilden of the Feywild. Following the Feywild starting to claim down after Lunar Crisis and Spud's regain Sapote and other Wilden moved into the Crystal Keep other the protection of Orem Rivendorn. Sapote is one of the hand full of student who have been trained to be sword mages by Master Orem.

During the one of the final stages of her training as a Sword Mage while doing a public demonstration an assassin team sent by the Salamanders Coil came to kill Master Orem. However with the help of Lily Solesorrow his fellow student and Little Sparkle a Kenku who had infiltrated the Salamanders Coil the group was able to kill or knockout all the attackers.

Following the attack Little Sparkle relieved that she was from the Southern Continent. This meant that travel between the natural world and Feywild was once again possible.

Master Orem ask one of his other students Felicia the Leader of the Spear which protects the Keep and its outposts to replace him as Arcane Protector of the Keep. In her place Orem felt that Sapote should take over as leader of the Spear. Sapote graciously expected the offer as a way to help help bridge the Wilden and Eladrin Cultures.