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Felicia is a one of around 1000 Eladrin that returned to the Feywild lead by Master Hendren. Felicia is small even for a Eladrin but she that did not stop her from being one of Orem's earliest Sword mage students. Orem was so impressed by Felicia that he give Felicia his Cold Iron Sword made by Randus Duthane.

In time Felicia became the leader of the Order of the Spear which guards the Crystal keep and its outposts. When Orem was attacks by assassins sent by Salamanders Coil. Felicia and her men came to help but by the time they got to the scene the fighting was over.

When Orem decided to return to the natural world he ask Felicia to take over his role as Arcane Protector of the Crystal Keep, and have Sapote take over her role leader of the Spear.