Edgar the Chicken

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Gavin looking at Edgar III

Edgar the Chicken is another animal whom Ryan named Edgar. This incarnation was first known as the Emergency Chicken, due to Ryan's inability to find an egg to make a cake during the Shopping List Let's Play. As a result he keeps a chicken trapped in his house behind glass blocks. The chicken was given the 3rd title in passing after an incident with Edgar Prime, even though this is actually Edgar V.

Ryan so far has named two animals Edgar III, the first being his pig from Hot Hoof X.

Service[edit | edit source]

Edgar III remains locked behind a glass wall in Kung Fu House and is in constant danger of being killed. Originally Edgar III sign read "In case of cake BREAK GLASS", it was soon replaced with the far more sinister "In case of emergency, break glass. KILL CHICKEN."

During Edgar Prime's breakout by Michael, Edgar III's glass prison was broken to put in the "Free Edgar 2013" sign, but Ryan was able to quickly repair it. Any eggs dropped by Edgar III can be picked up through the glass. In King Ray Minecraft Let's Play Ryan sacrified his emergency chicken to complete one of the tasks set by King Ray, but he was quickly killed by Geoff

Dark Achievement City[edit | edit source]

Edgar III in Dark Achievement City

In Dark Achievement City, Edgar III is simply an egg inside a picture frame, though it is still trapped behind glass blocks. The sign was also changed to reflect the Dark Achievement City motif, reading "In Case of Emergency, Break Egg".