Lily Solesorrow

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Lily Solesorrow

Solesorrow is a Eladrin Swordmage, one of only a handful trained by Orem Rivendorn. Currently living in the crystal keep of the Spring Wood, Lily has not always lived in the Feywild. She came with Master Hendren from the city of Sha-Lai in the The Astral Sea to help repopulate the Feywild after the many Eladrin deaths that occurred both during the Lunar Crisis and during Spud's reign.

During the one of the final stages of her training as a Swordmage, while doing a public demonstration, an assassin team sent by the Salamanders Coil came to kill Master Orem. However, with the help of Sapote, her fellow student, and Little Sparkle a Kenku who had infiltrated the Salamanders Coil, the group was able to kill or knockout all of the attackers.

Following the attack, Little Sparkle relieved that she was from the Southern Continent. This meant that travel between the natural world and Feywild was once again possible.

With this new information, Master Orem decided he needed to got to the Natural World and discover who was sending the attacks. Orem talked to Lily and asked if she would like to return to the Astral Sea but she stated that after five years the Feywild was now her home.

Finally Orem encouraged Lily to take on students to help defend other Eladrin from the many dangers of the Feywild.