Little Sparkle

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Little Sparkle aka Meyaliutl New Roost

Little Sparkle also known as Meyaliutl New Roost is a Kenku from the Southern Continent who had infiltrated the Salamander's Coil in order to find out about their plans. When she heard there were assassination missions out find the associates of a Professor Lec, Little Sparkle managed to get on the team heading to the Feywild to kill Orem Rivendorn.

Once in the Feywild, the team was able to find their way to Orem. However, with the help of this students Sapote and Lily Solesorrow as well as the betrayal of Little Sparkle, the rest of the team sent by the Salamanders Coil was dispatched fairly quickly.

Little Sparkle shared with Orem and the others that she was from the natural world and that the people who attacked were from the Salamander's Coil and they were also looking to kill Randus Duthane, Smith, and Torq for their association with Professor Lec.

Orem quickly moved to return to the Natural World and warn Randus about the attacks that were planned on him. To help him Little Sparkle, agreed to travel with Orem.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Dagger
  • Necklace of keys
  • Foe Stone [Level 12] (pg. 172 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Acrobat Boots [Level 2] (pg. 246 PHB 1)