The Spring Wood

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The Spring Wood is the fey manifestation of springtime. More than any other of the seasonal forests, the plants of the Spring Wood are mobile and often hostile. The Spring Wood is notably full of flowers and rich undergrowth.

Cities[edit | edit source]

The Cerulean Grove[edit | edit source]

The Cerulean Grove was the home of Orem Rivendorn and the location of the Cerulean Academy of Magic. The plants of the Cerulean Grove had a blue tint from which the city derived its name. When the Lunar event happened, the Spring Wood destroyed the Cerulean Grove and either killed its residents or caused them to flee. The only survivors to remain in the grove were Master Althern and Spud.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Spring Queen's Hill[edit | edit source]

The Spring Queen made her residence in a cave on top of a hill about a day's walk from the Cerulean Grove.

The Bugaboo's Camp[edit | edit source]

The Bugaboo's Camp and the Earthen Spire are not necessarily in the Spring Wood, but the entrance was.

Trod to the Chattering Forest[edit | edit source]

Orem used a trod in the Spring Wood to travel to the Chattering Forest and to return to the Spring Wood. Torq and Randus destroyed the trod following him.