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The gods are mysterious and powerful and while not always inclined to work together if things get bad enough they can be convinced too. 

Gods of the Pentetheon[edit | edit source]

  1. The Raven Queen
  2. Bahamut
  3. Melora
  4. Corellon
  5. Erathis

Dark Gods[edit | edit source]

  1. Asmodeus
  2. Gruumsh
  3. Lolth
  4. Tiamat
  5. Vecna

Sleeping Gods[edit | edit source]

  1. Kord

Gods of the Void[edit | edit source]

The major God is listed first with their avatars are listed under them. 

  • Yemne, That Which Calls to the Silence
    • Enemy of Knowledge
  • Oggem, The Absence of Center
    • The Seven Beautiful Fires
    • The Wasp Merchant
    • The Masked Lover
  • The Hidden Heart of the Ocean
    • The White Boar
    • The Sky that is the Lie
    • The Pillar of Red Steam
  • She Who Slumbers in Agony
    • The Devil Hag
    • Mardona
    • The Crown and Dagger
    • The Bleeding Commissar
    • The Melody Alkaline
  • The Monarch in Saffron Rags
    • The Faceless Traveler 
    • Heartless Princess 
    • The Silver Woodsmen
    • Geethoo The Warrior in Chains

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