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Gears of War 4[edit | edit source]

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Horde Mode Michael, Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, Matt Michael, Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, and Matt try to make it to wave 50 in Gears of War 4's Horde Mode. N/A October 27, 2016 1
Multiplayer Jack, Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, and Matt are ready are the hardest, most badass COGs ever to play Gears of War 4. They're ready to face off against the toughest opponents random matchmaking is willing to throw at them. They'll blast, stomp, kabonk, and chainsaw through the competition - and maybe even play a friendly little game of dodgeball.

Oh Lordy! There’s so much blood! I don't remember dodgeball having this many casualties. There was that time in 4th grade where Billy plowed into Steven and gave him a bloody nose, but the Achievement Hunter boys are out there shoving chainsaws into enemy buttholes! That has to be against the rules.

November 3, 2016 2

Gears of War: Judgment[edit | edit source]

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Survival Mode Geoff, Michael, Gavin, Ray, Ryan AH takes on Survival mode on insane difficulty! And four minutes later they really start the Let's Play... Wave 10 March 27, 2013 1
Free for All Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ray, Ryan Geoff, Gavin, Michael, Ray, Jack and Ryan play a little free for all in Gears of War Judgement.

Round 1 Michael

Round 2 Ray

April 15, 2013 2
Co-Op Part 1 Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin In this week's Let's Play Wednesday, the AH crew play Gears of War: Judgment. N/A June 12, 2013 3

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition[edit | edit source]

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Gears of War UE Campaign Part 1 Geoff, Ryan Best of friends, Geoff and Ryan, tear through the campaign of the new Gears of War remaster. Insane difficulty and just each other to rely on. Good luck to them. N/A August 25, 2015 1
Gears of War UE Multiplayer Michael, Geoff, Andy, Matt, Jack Achievement Hunter checks out the multiplayer of Gears of War Ultimate Edition and learn a little bit about what kind of friends they are in the process. Round 1

Michael, Matt Round 2 Michael, Matt

Round 3 Michael, Matt

August 26, 2015 2
Gears of War UE Multiplayer Part 2 Achievement Hunter is back to carving each other up in Gears of War UE. Which team will make the other feel bad about ever picking up a controller? Watch and find out! Round 1

Michael, Jack, Andy

Round 2 Michael, Jack, Andy

Round 3 Michael, Jack, Andy

September 23, 2015 3