Cloudberry Kingdom Episode Listing

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Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Part 1 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan Jack, Michael, Gavin, and Ryan take a journey to a magical land filled with adventure and pain as they enter the Cloudberry Kingdom. N/A August 14, 2013 1
Part 2 AH continues their journey to a magical land filled with adventure and pain. September 5, 2013 2
Part 3 October 14, 2013 3
Part 4 December 24, 2013 4
Part 5 March 20, 2014 5
Part 6 April 22, 2014 6
Part 7 May 15, 2014 7
Part 8 September 23, 2014 8
Part 9 The AH Crew heads back to Cloudberry Kingdom after a long vacation from it. October 21, 2014 9
Part 10 Achievement Hunter is back in Cloudberry Kingdom. How many levels will they manage to complete this time? Not a lot is the answer. July 16, 2015 10
Part 11 The Cloudberry crew is back after a long break, and this time they're better than ever! August 13, 2015 11
Part 12 The Cloudberry crew is back! How many levels will they clear before submitting to their failure? The answers are within... November 5, 2015 12
Cloudberry Kingdom with PWNEE Studios Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan, PWNEE Staff Jack, Michael, Gavin, and Ryan chill with the devs from PWNEE Studios and play some Cloudberry Kingdom. With Cloudberry Kingdom 2 as an eventual eventuality, how about a wishlist for all the things we want to see in the next game? [see below]

-Combination face option of Jack's Beard of Power and Geoff's Dick Dastardly mustache. -At least 13 Let's Plays worth of content. -Cloudberry Kingdom X Burger King promotion. Play as the King in Cloudberry Kingdom. Also, Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch costume. -No Cloudberry Kingdom X King Games promotion. -Cloudberry Taxonomy pack with Cloudberry Phylum, Cloudberry Class, Cloudberry Order, Cloudberry Family, Cloudberry Genus, and Cloudberry Species. -Cloudberry Family, a spin-off cartoon show following the Berry Bros, who aren't the AH crew but rather an obvious rip-off of the Mario Bros. Maybe it's Barry Berry and Luigi Berry? Hell yes! This is a great idea. Hear that, PWNEE? Boom, done. Million dollars on the table.

N/A December 3, 2015 13
Part 13 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The Berry Bros are back! How many levels will they finish today? The answer may surprise you. N/A December 31, 2015 14
Part 14 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan, Jeremy The Berry Bros are back! What does Ryan have in his house this time? And will there ever be an enchilada night? Find out on this stunning episode of Cloudberry Kingdom! Tickle the Bros' berries N/A February 3, 2016 15
Part 15 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The Berry bros continue their Cloudberry Kingdom Journey. Each level more difficult than the last. How many will they finish this episode? N/A March 22, 2016 16
Part 16 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The longer it takes for the Berry Bros to finish Cloudberry Kingdom the more likely it is you'll be able to completely reconstruct Ryan's house. N/A May 25, 2016 17
Part 17 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The Berry bros are getting really close to level 300. Will they make it? Or will they stay on level 297 for the next few months? N/A June 28, 2016 18
Part 18 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The Berry bros are on a mission to be the first and probably only four guys to attempt to play Cloudberry Kingdom to the end. The 300 levels are more difficult than ever before, but that won't stop them from finishing the game one level at a time. N/A July 26, 2016 19
Part 19 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan "Gee, Berry Michael. What are we doing tonight?"

"Same thing we do every night, Berry Gavin. Ask Ryan what's in his house and watch Jack be way better than us at this damn game...and try to take over at least three levels!"

They're the Berry Bros The fuckin' Berry Bros They want to beat Cloudberry 'Fore they die and decompose They've done nineteen Let's Plays And fail almost always

They're Berry Your favorite Berry Bros Bros Bros Bros Bros

N/A August 30, 2016 20
Part 20 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The Berry Boys are back, attempting to complete the grueling journey to the end of Cloudberry Kingdom. Will they make it?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME! or... like 50 parts from now. N/A February 9, 2017 21
Part 21 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan Jack, Michael, Gavin, and kind of Ryan are back playing Cloudberry. This time, they're jumping over lava and dodging happy looking spike balls, because I guess that's what you do in this game. N/A May 16, 2017


Part 22 Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The Cloudberry crew is back, and the levels haven't gotten any easier. Or have they? Sit back, relax, and find out what else Ryan has in his house. N/A August 15, 2017


Gavin Loves Willy (Part 23) Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The Berry Bros. return to even more outlandish levels. How much progress could they possibly make? N/A September 26, 2017


The Censored One (Part 24) Jack, Michael, Gavin, Ryan The Berry Bros. are back in the craziest Cloudberry Kingdom level yet. They also spoil Game of Thrones. Sorry. N/A November 7, 2017