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Battlefield 1[edit | edit source]

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Beta Geoff, Ryan, Matt Join Geoff, Ryan, and Matt as they explore Battlefield 1 Beta. It's the blind leading the blind into battle. Damnit Edwardo! N/A August 31, 2016 1
Let's Play War Achievement Hunter Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, Michael, Matt, Trevor Archduke Geoff Ramsey has been assassinated! Tensions are rising, and groups all across the Let's Play world are starting to take sides. With Geoff gone, the dastardly Funhaus fellows have coaxed half of the Let's Play family to join the Central Powers. Funhaus, Kinda Funny, The Creatures, and Noahj456 are ready to wage a world war in order to take over the Let's Play world.

In an attempt to defend democracy, Achievement Hunter has risen up to lead the Allied Powers. Cow Chop, Game Attack, and LazarBeam have pledged their allegiance to the cause, hoping to maintain peace in Geoff's blowing up the other half of the Let's Play family.

These 41 Let's Players from across the globe are ready to take a stand. They fight for honor. They fight for freedom. Mainly, they just fight so they can play more Battlefield 1. Horses! Tanks! Dirigibles falling from the sky! The war may be bloody, but it's also really really fun. Let’s war!

Achievement Hunter, Cow Chop, GameAttack, Lannan October 31, 2016 2
Let's Play - Battlefield 1 Jack, Gavin, Jeremy, Ryan, Michael Achievement Hunter jumps into Battlefield 1 to test themselves and their squad under a barage of gunfire and shovels! They spawn onto the battlefield as boys, but continuously explode over and over as men. N/A November 5, 2016 3
Let's Play - Battlefield 1 World War Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Cow Chop, The Creatures, Game Attack, Kinda Funny, NoahJ, Lannan The Battlefield 1 Let's Play World War was super bonkers ginormously huge. So far, you've been able to enjoy the war from each group's individual perspective. Unfortunately, trying to experience the whole war all at once has been a huge mess. Playing the Achievement Hunter video, the Funhaus video, Cow Chop, The Creatures, Game Attack, Kinda Funny, NoahJ456, and LazarBeam all at once just leads to massive confusion. Right here, right now, we're making the Let's Play World War easy-peasy breezy to experience as a full-fledged war. Time to slurp up all that Battlefield goodness!

Missed the battles? Check out each group's individual videos here: Achievement Hunter Cow Chop The Creatures Funhaus Game Attack Kinda Funny LazarBeam NoahJ456

Achievement Hunter, Cow Chop, Game Attack, Lannan November 9, 2016 4
Git Gud Tryouts: Battlefield 1 Michael, Geoff, Ryan, Gavin, Jeremy Battlefield 1 is the next contender for another Git Gud series. The boys could certainly git gudder with this game, so let us know. Game 1

Online Players

Game 2 Online Players

Game 3 Online Players

November 30, 2017 5

Battlefield 1943[edit | edit source]

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Let's Play - Battlefield 1943 Geoff, Ryan, Jeremy, Ray In celebration of Battlefield Hardline's upcoming release, Geoff, Ryan, Jeremy, and Ray travel back in time and wreck all the planes, tanks, and soldiers they can. They'll be sure to send you a postcard. N/A March 11, 2015 1

Battlefield 4[edit | edit source]

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Let's Play - Battlefield 4 Jack, Ryan, Michael, Ray, Gavin Join Jack, Ryan, Michael, Ray, and Gavin as they cover the Battlefield 4 segment of Battlefield week. Are they better at this installment of the series? What do you think? N/A March 12, 2015 1

Battlefield Hardline[edit | edit source]

Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Part 1 Geoff, Gavin, Jack, Ray, Ryan Watch as the AH crew fights to stay alive in Battlefield Hardline. N/A July 2, 2014 1
Beta: Hotwire Mode Geoff, Ryan, Gavin, Ray, Michael Geoff, Ryan, Gavin, Ray, and Michael play the new game mode in the Battlefield Beta. Intense moments and fast chases are to come. February 12, 2015 2
Beta: Heist Mode Geoff, Jack, Ray, Michael, Gavin Geoff, Jack, Ray, Michael, and Gavin relive their heist days, but in a different format. Will this be the beginning of a beautiful thing? February 19, 2015 3
Let's Play Battlefield Hardline Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Ray, Michael Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Ray, and Michael attempt Heists in Battlefield Hardline! Here's hoping they are easier to pull off than the ones in GTA. March 20, 2015 4
Part 2 Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Jack, and Michael learn what the HARD means in Battlefield Hardline. Spoilers: It has nothing to do with genitals. March 25, 2015 5