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Season 2 of the machinima web series Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles began airing on January 3, 2004. The season is set 3 months after the first season, and continues the story of the soldiers in Blood Gulch. The season introduces a new character, Doc, and a new villain, O'Malley. This is the second full season of Red vs. Blue.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Title Description Running Time Air Date Link
20 Everything Old is New Again Episode 20 introduces the character Doc to the Blood Gulch, and to the Blues. 7:10 Summer 2004 1
21 Motion to Adjourn The Blues fend off an attack from the Reds, the Reds fend off themselves. 3:56 Summer 2004 2
22 Red vs Bleu The Blues surrender and sacrifice Doc, the Reds sacrifice Grifs self-esteem. 4:23 Summer 2004 3
23 The Joy of Toggling Doc distances himself from Grif, the Blues make a discovery. 4:28 Summer 2004 4
24 Sweet Ride The Blues almost accidentally toggle Sarge to death. 3:55 Summer 2004 5
25 Last Words Doc makes an impression on Sarge while the Blues try to fix Church's switch. 4:48 Summer 2004 6
26 Nobody Likes You When the Reds try to make a deal with the Blues, one solider gets stuck in the middle. 4:36 Summer 2004 7
27 Nine Tenths of the Law Donut gets to know the other members of Red Team better, while Church makes a strategic error - listening to Caboose. 5:23 Summer 2004 8
28 In Stereo When Available The Blues try to control Lopez, while the Reds set out looking for a little payback. 4:01 Summer 2004 9
29 Radar Love Sparks fly when Lopez and Sheila meet, but the unexpected return of a former ally changes everything. 4:02 Summer 2004 10
30 I Dream of Meanie Tex tries to explain her mysterious return, while Sarge looks for a volunteer for a special project. 4:31 Summer 2004 11
31 Room for Rent Church and Tex venture into Caboose's mind to search for O'Malley. 3:54 Summer 2004 12
32 Me, Myself and You Church and Tex continue their search while Tucker, Sheila and Lopez approach Red Base. 3:14 Summer 2004 13
33 An Audience of Dumb Lopez serenades the Red Team to get them to shut off their radios and O'Malley infects Doc. 7:45 Summer 2004 14
34 Aftermath, Before Biology Doc discovers a strange vehicle and Grif has an operation. 4:27 Summer 2004 15
35 What's Mine is Yours Simmons and Grif bicker over surgery while Sarge discloses that Lopez is hiding secret plans. 4:48 Summer 2004 16
36 Blunderball Grif and Donut undertake a secret spy mission and Donut overhears Doc/O'Malley making plans. 5:55 Summer 2004 17
37 Dealer Incentive Blue Team interrogates Donut then Church possesses him in an attempt to trick Sarge. 6:27 Summer 2004 18
38 K.I.T. B.F.F. In the final episode of season two, the battle for Blood Gulch moves beyond just Red versus Blue. 13:25 Summer 2004 19