Red vs. Blue: Revelation

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Red vs. Blue: Revelation is a machinima web series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. It is the eighth overall season of Red vs. Blue and the third, and final, season of the Recollections Trilogy. It is a follow-up to Recreation and wraps up all of the events that began in Reconstruction and continued in Recreation. Revelation began airing on April 1, 2010, Red vs. Blue's 7th anniversary. The finale of Revelation premiered on September 13, 2010, just one day before the release of Halo: Reach. Revelation is distinguished as the first season of Red vs. Blue that extensively uses pre-rendered CGI, separate from the Halo engine, allowing for actions not possible within a multiplayer game of Halo.

At Sandtrap, Epsilon seems to have no memory as to what happened to him, but he begins to have flashbacks. In one of his power failures, a memory of the Delta A.I. tells Caboose that Epsilon is looking for a specific memory. When Epsilon awakens, he and Caboose head off to a secret facility, run by F.I.L.S.S., in order to find it, with the Reds trailing behind them. Epsilon finds the secret in a mysterious bunker and unlocks something terrible: Tex. Meanwhile, Washington and the Meta hunt for Epsilon and have taken Doc hostage.