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Bow Chicka Bow Wow!
— Lavernius Tucker

Captain Lavernius Tucker is a Blue Team Simulation Trooper, originally assigned to Outpost 1-A at Blood Gulch. Tucker is voiced by Jason Saldaña, And made his debut in Episode 1. His character has a running gag of never getting a sniper rifle, rendering him ineffective at spying on the Reds (the one opportunity he had at actually getting a sniper rifle, he turned down because he was fascinated with an energy sword he found). Tucker appears to have excellent sight, because he never gets the sniper rifle. In Season 5, he was able to spot that Sister was a female from halfway across the canyon. A few episodes after Tucker finds the energy sword, He is taken on a quest by an Alien who has been placed with a gag of only saying "Blarg" and "Honk." The Alien eventually impregnates Tucker with a parasitic embryo, and he later gives birth to Junior. In Season 2 and on, he also is the only one whose armor gets coated with a black substance when he goes through the teleporter, which is a continuous source of his frustration. In Season 3, it is revealed that he is African American. In Season 5, Episode 94, he finally manages to get the sniper rifle, only to shoot Tex in the rear. Church takes the sniper rifle back, but gets blamed for Tucker's mistake, and is punched in the face by Tex. In the episodes leading up to 100, after breaking the time loop set in place by Wyoming, Tucker manages to procure a sniper rifle. During the fights in the following episodes, Tucker is shown to be quite adept at handling it, killing multiple "copies" of Wyoming, using skill and his knowledge of coming events.


After the Blood Gulch Chronicles, Tucker was recruited as an agent and mediator between the aliens and humans. During this time he was reunited with Junior and regained his sword. He makes a brief voice appearance in Reconstruction, calling Freelancer Command and requesting help with his mission in the desert. He officially reappears in Recreation, fending off C.T.'s team single-handedly. He assists Caboose and the Reds for the rest of the season. He is a season regular during Revelation, showing his improved fighting skills. He even is able to stab the Meta with his sword in the final fight of Revelation. Tucker then returns with Caboose, Washington, and the Reds to Valhalla after they are debriefed by UNSC recovery team.

Throughout the early seasons, Tucker is often portrayed as immature due to his 'bow chika wow wow' catchphrase that he is often heard saying when making a dirty joke, reference or that's what she said moment. In later seasons he uses the phrase a lot less, showing his character development over the years. 

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