Red vs. Blue: Recreation

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Red vs. Blue: Recreation is a full machinima web series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. It is the seventh overall season of Red vs. Blue and the second of three seasons in the Recollections Trilogy. It is a direct sequel to Red vs. Blue: Relocated and its tone seems to be a mix of both Reconstruction and The Blood Gulch Chronicles. As the Reds continue to try and figure out what Caboose is up to and wake up a comatose Donut, Caboose continues trying to make a new best friend out of the Epsilon Unit. He finds the Reds' Holo-Room, with help from Donut, when Epsilon tells him about Tucker and a mysterious energy reading at a desert. When Grif and Sarge agree to join Caboose in his mission, in an attempt to put the Blues back in Command's database, the three meet a strange man at the desert. Meanwhile in Valhalla, Simmons, Lopez, and Donut fend for themselves as they battle against the elusive Meta.