Red vs. Blue: Season 11

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Season 11 Promo Image, featuring Sarge and Washington.

Red vs. Blue: Season 11 is the latest season of Red vs. Blue. It was announced to be in production by Burnie Burns. The first episode was released on June 14, 2013. The season continues where the previous ended, with the adventures of the Reds and Blues at their new home. This season marks the beginning of a new saga in the RvB series. It will run concurrently with the new series RWBY. Currently, the series is in production, with a new episode or PSA released every Monday.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Description Running Time Air Date Link
Episode 1
The Reds and Blues settle in at their new home after a ship crash landing. 4:38 June 14, 2013 1
Episode 2
Get Your Tucks in a Row
Wash and Caboose leave for Blue base to confront Tucker. Meanwhile, the Reds discuss a dillema about their base. 3:42 June 24, 2013 2
Episode 3
Barriers to Entry
Sarge lays down a few ground rules regarding his personal space, while Wash comforts a sad Caboose. 4:53 July 1, 2013 3

Episode 4
Heavy Mettle

While depressed over the departure of his best friend, Caboose comes across something mysterious. 5:36 July 8, 2013 4

Episode 5

A Real Fixer Upper

As Washington and Tucker begin work on the communications tower, Sarge activates Red Team's newest addition. 5:30 July 15, 2013 5

Episode 6


The Reds and Blues work together to repair the communications tower. Afterwards, Caboose introduces his new pet.

8:38 July 22, 2013 6

Episode 7

Can I Keep It?

The Blues get acquainted with Caboose's robot pet Mantis, Freckles. Meanwhile, Sarge orders Grif and Simmons to recon on Blue Team. 7:11 July 29, 2013 7

Episode 8

The Grass is Greener. The Blues are Bluer.

Grif and Simmons execute their reconnaissance on Blue Team. 4:44 August 12, 2013 8

Episode 9

A House Divided, Then Multiplied

Sarge overreacts over Simmons' departure and prepares a counterattack. Meanwhile, Washington and Tucker butt heads. 5:31 August 19, 2013 9

Episode 10

Long Live the King

Tension arise between the Red and Blue Teams. 6:10 August 26, 2013 10

Episode 11

Worst Laid Plans

While Caboose gets accustomed with his new position, the Reds divulge a plan to eliminate of Freckles. 8:31 September 2, 2013 11

Episode 12

Finders Keepers

Sarge, Grif, and Doc discover some interesting things inside the ship. 7:41 September 9, 2013 12

Episode 13

+1 Follower

Simmons brings a source of social media inside the canyon, while Lopez and Lopez 2.0 are given important information. 6:56 September 23, 2013 13

Episode 14


Donut cleans the Red base, while Wash and Tucker have a discussion over leadership. 7:08 September 30, 2013 14

Episode 15

Neighborhood Watch

Wash gives Caboose a present, while the Reds complete their constructions over their Mantis. 9:52 October 7, 2013 15

Episode 16


Felix, the orange soldier, tells the Reds and Blues about where they landed and why it was so important for him to find them. 6:06 October 13, 2013 16

Episode 17


The Reds and Blues begin fortifying their defences for an imminent attack. Meanwhile, Lopez 2.0 gets a dastardly plan. 7:57 October 28, 2013 17

Episode 18


The Reds and Blues engage in a fierce battle against Locus and the Federal Army. 8:55 November 4, 2013 18

Episode 19

Lost But Not Forgotten

Tucker, Caboose, Grif and Simmons join the New Republic army to rescue their freinds. 8:54 November 11, 2013 19