Illiam Hearthglow

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Master Althern

Illiam Hearthglow was a Eladrin student at the Cerulean Academy of Magic at the same time as Orem Rivendorn. On Orem's Graduation day came by to wish Orem luck.

After Orem's Graduation and the Feywild went into crisis, Illiam joined Althea and Brall Rivendorn and a company of Gnomes and Eladrin that were finally able to find sanctuary from the madness of the Feywild in a small settlement in the The Fields of Autumn called Whitestone.

In Whitestone is a low ranking Eladrin while other are having a large ball he is eating with the guards and the gnomes in the kitchens .

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Episode 4: Graduation Day (S1-001)

Episode 171: The Party (S4-027)