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Goddess of the Sea and storm.

Bao Bel-Bina memorandum[edit | edit source]

The Brotherhood of Tides

(The Casters of Seeds, The Church of Melora, The Wild Coven)

Holy City: Kun-Kunei, The Floating Garden

The Church of Melora seeks to preserve and foster the wild places in the world. It is no secret that there has often been conflict between the followers of Melora and Erathis, just as there has been conflict between the goddesses themselves. And yet we have brokered many profitable and beneficial agreements with the Casters of Seeds. In a lot of ways we are two sides of the same coin, we care deeply about the world and its inhabitants, and most importantly are willing to cooperate to protect them.

When dealing with a member of the Church of Melora always remember that they are more than they appear. Out of all the Pentatheon Melora is the least keen on ceremony as far as her anointed and her clerics are often woodsmen, druids and sailors. This makes them difficult to categorize, except maybe as “Rough around the edges.” ~Bao Bel-Bina[1]

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Known Priests[edit | edit source]

  1. Thunderous Stag - Leader of Melora's forces during the final battle with this void.
  2. Glaa - Druid that joined the diplomatic envoy to the Dark Counsel cities.

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