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The Thing that Shatters the Sky
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Avatar to an unknown god of the Void and follower of The Thing that Shatters the Sky. The Companion to whispers helped create all of the Void Creatures that attacked The Astral Sea. When Orem Rivendorn, Manifa, and Baldros started working to summon a minor Void God working of the ranks of small fairly mindless Void Creatures until they reached A Manner of Sorts who turned over The Companion to whispers name for his freedom which Orem granted.

When The Companion to whispers was summon she told the form of a woman however reality around warps trying to make sense of this huge god who look like small human. She agreed to be bound to bomb without a fight and told Orem they would speak again.

In the final moments as Orem piloted the Bomb into the slist The Companion to whispers spoke to him and shared that she had been a a follower of The Thing that Shatters the Sky and that in her death being used to blow up the sist that would be event that causes The Thing that Shatters the Sky to come into Smith.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Episode 128: A Manner of Sorts (S3-060)

Episode 129: Preparing for Battle (S3-061)

Episode 132: The Final Battle (S3-064)