Void Obelisk

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When the Moon was returned to its proper place in the sky, the various void cysts across the Astral Sea coalesced into a single massive cyst near Sha-Lai. When this happened a large number of the marauding Void godlings were physically wrenched from where they were into the cyst. Nevertheless, some few remained in Shallai and on the Astral Sea. They remained where they were through the use of Void Obelisks.

Void Obelisks are roughly shaped stones a couple of feet tall. They are lighter than they appear to be, and are carved with strange Voidish runes. The runes do not convey any sort of literal meaning, but instead seem to represent arcane mathematics or circuitry. The void obelisks appear to be impervious to physical damage, but a concentrated effort by an arcane practitioner can deactivate them and cut loose the Void godlings bound to the Astral Sea by it.

A certain unnamed Void godling can bind unbound godlings to other nearby obelisks.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Some variants of the void obelisk were seen.

Some stones were seen to float on the Astral Sea and bind some flying, quill launching void godlings who attacked the Diplomatic Envoy.

A huge flying star shaped stone was used to attack Sha-Lai. It was shut down destructively by the Torqletones.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 67: "Head Toward the Snakey-Man!" (S3-005)
  2. Episode 68: Sniffing out magic (S3-006)
  3. Episode 70: We can be such Pinheads sometimes... (S3-008)

A void obelisk was discovered in a warehouse district near the Golden Vinyard. It was captured, but then lost.

A second void obelisk was found in the Temple of the Raven Queen in Shadowgrave. It was hidden in a basement in a private area of the temple, but was successfully retrieved by Orem, Torq, Randus, and Ket. Before it was deactivated, the Void godlings caused huge amounts of damage to the University.

Glaa, Sir Brenzin, Seven-Owls, and Albrecht found an obelisk in the slum district of Shallai.

A group of Void godlings staged a shipwreck to trap the divine envoys. After they were defeated, Torq found an obelisk in their ship's hold. It was thrown overboard.