Dean Darkmist

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Valdren Darkmist

Valdren Darkmist, Dean of the College in Eladrin heights located in the Eldritch Enclave. While in the area looking for a Void Obelisk, Ket H'zard and Orem Rivendorn broke from the rest of the party to find housing while the Randus Duthane and Torq went to if they could find the source of the Obelisk Signal.

In Eldadrin heights Orem and Ket found the prices of the inn to height for there liking. However they heard there was a college near by. Once gain fining the rates unreasonable Orem pretended to be Dean Darkmist nephew, and was given a group of rooms.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 74: In Detention (S3-011)
  2. Episode 78: Back to School (S3-015)
  3. Episode 84: Preparing to Leave (S3-020)
  4. Episode 130: Kobold Alley (S3-061)

Important mentions[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 73: In the lair of the Raven Queen (S3-010)
  2. Episode 77: Trouble - Part 3 (S3-014)