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Human Liberian at the University in Eladrin Heights. When Orem Rivendorn, Randus Duthane, Torq, and Ket H'zard were on the run with the Void Obelisk, they found themselves in the University library. Ket was so convincing in his request for help that Chelsea decided to follow the party as they went to Dean Darkmist office.

In the Observatory, when the party decided to leave to remove the Obelisk from the campus. Chelsea was left behind with a message for the dean with what had happened.

When Orem returned to the University he found himself in the Library where he met Chelsea again where she asked how Ket was doing but Orem had nothing to share.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 78: Back to School (S3-015)
  2. Episode 84: Preparing to Leave (S3-020)