A Manner of Sorts

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A Manner of Sorts is the penultimate Void godling summoned by Orem Rivendorn, Ket H'zard, Manifa, and Baldros. It appeared as a gelatinous humanoid with several eyeballs floating inside. Unlike any previous Void godling, it was aware of the circumstances of its creation and the name of its superior, The Companion to whispers. A Manner of Sorts agreed to divulge her name on condition that the summoners released it and allowed it a 15 minute head start before they took action against it. Ket agreed to its terms, leaving Orem with the choice of double crossing a Manner of Sorts. Contrary to Orem's best judgement, he kept his word to the monster and allowed it to go free across Shallai.

A Manner of Sorts was defeated after a prolonged battle by Glaa.

A Manner of Sorts had the capacity to summon lesser void godlings and strengthen them. It considered its purpose to be the organization of Void godlings in their purpose of infiltration and destruction.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Episode 128: A Manner of Sorts (S3-060)