Wolf Face Emoji

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The Wolf Face Emoji is the unofficial official emoji of Hello Internet. The Wolf Face Emoji (as it appeared on iOS) used to be the same color as Brady's dogs, Lulu and Audrey, but in a later update the Wolf Face Emoji on iOS became grey like most other Wolf Face Emojis.

First mentioned in Episode 35, around 6:21, when Brady sent it to Grey as thanks for the flower emoji Grey had sent earlier.

In the following Episode 36, around 27:20 Brady mentioned that emojipedia encountered a substantial increase in traffic following Episode 35.

The emoji is also mentioned in Episode 47 (around 26:25) and Episode 73.

The original wolf emoji which resembled Lulu and Audrey was the iOS 8.3 version. It was later replaced with the iOS 10.2 version.