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Tim is the nickname given to listeners of Hello Internet.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The name was originally coined by Grey in "H.I. #7 Sorry, Language Teachers" at 52:40, referring to the fact that there could be a listener called Tim listening to the episode in an airplane. The term was used again several times in the same way, until "H.I. #50: Queen of Spades", when Grey mentions that a listener had suggested to make "Tim" the nickname for listeners of Hello Internet. Soon after, listeners of the show began to refer to themselves as "Tims", and it began to be used on the podcast as a term to refer to all the listeners of the show.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

In July 2017, during a Radio Times contest to determine who was the best podcaster or radio presenter, several terms related to "Tim" were created. The term "Steve" was coined to refer to the opponents of the Tims, based on the first name of Steve Allen, one of Brady's opponents in the poll. The term "Timwork" was coined to refer to when Tims work together to achieve a goal for the podcast. The term "Timfoolery" was coined to refer to when listeners of the show do silly things, such as editing the Wikipedia pages of topics discussed on the podcast.