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Coil is a member of the Exilarchy of Cogs that stayed behind on moon to keep tabs on things when the rest of his people left for the natural world. 

After the Exilarchy of Cogs returned to the moon Orem RivedornTorqRandus Duthane, and Smith are told to find Coil since he should know where the towers on the moon are. When the party finally catches up with Coil they find him willing to help and with a long ways to travel. 

After leading the party to the central lunar tower the radiation causes Coil to reset to his original settings. However that doesn't stop him from joining the fight against He who Shatters the Sky.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Coil is the only character to be played both as an PC and NPC by Player(Rob) and the GM(Rodrigo).

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Episode 53: We have a capture a Whatnow

Episode 54: Across the Lunar Landscape

Episode 55: Down the Shaft

Episode 56: The End

Episode 57: The End - Part 2