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Valtok is a powerful human Sorcerer from the Astral Sea. Characterized by both Thony and Rodrigo as greedy and unlikable, he lives with his wife on a small island located around the Sea of Cancer. Having fought in the Underdark Wars with Thony, he is quite old, but is still spry enough to challenge the Torqueltones in physical combat.

Underdark Wars[edit | edit source]

During the Underdark Wars, Valtok was adventuring with Thony, an Unnamed Dwarf, an Unnamed Eladrin and possibly The Queen's Rebellious Daughter. Like Thony, his name was not mentioned in any historical materials regarding the Underdark Wars - at least by the party.

Celestial Crusade and The Doom Titan[edit | edit source]

Following the dissolution of his party, he departed from the Natural World and continued adventuring in the Farbrights. There he fought legions of Pirates from the Pirate Kingdom. After awhile, the old Sorcerer retired to the Astral Sea to take over his family's farm on an island near the Sea of Cancer. Valtok eventually married and had several children, all of which moved away. In his later years, he continued to farm despite the disturbance of the Doom Titan on the other side of his island.

For reasons unknown, the Doom Titan met its demise deep within the jungle of his island. Valtok, always eager to make a buck, quickly picked up a contract for the Staticite that comprised its skeleton and began to harvest what he could.

Valtok soon had to put defenses up to curb the stream of adventurers coming there in search of the Doom Titan. These tactics included telling gruesome, cautionary tales as well as training the local wildlife (primarily Stirges) to attack strangers. These attempts did little to deter Orem, Randus, Sir Brenzin and Glaa. The party managed to navigate the jungle and discovered the bones of the creature.

Valtok and his wife had to intercept the party, but ultimately failed to prevent them from making off with both a sizable amount of Staticite and a precise location to where future stores were available.

The fate of Valtok, his wife, and the remains of the Doom Titan are unknown.