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Below is the timeline for events Vertex 12: The Bloom

SY 300 Lunar Event- Several major cities destroyed: Moonhold, Iron Hill, Kyug, Coastfall, among others.

SY 290 Emnos III becomes king of Diamond Throne.

SY 258 Underdark Wars End, Emnos II becomes king of Diamond Throne.

SY 249 Underdark Wars begin

SY 210 War of Talons Ends

***1) Three nations established on central continent: Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands, the Sage Coast and the Seven Tribes Total Control Area, Freelands recognized as an independent territory.

***2) Monstrous Humanoids pushed to the southwestern swamps of Mandravo.

SY 173 Elven Skirmishes end when gnoll warbands begin to kidnap elven and human children. War of Talons begins.

SY 166 Elven skirmishes begin

SY 160 Seven Tribes Unify

SY 100 Clans that would become Diamond Throne’s royal families begin to form.

SY 60 War of Scars ends with Temec Khan’s and Arkhas’ deaths, Dissolution of Sovereign Warband

SY 81 Temec Khan’s son, Arkhas, finds the Scarab of Oc, Challenges Khan’s rulership of the Sovereing Warband. War of Scars begins, ending the Crusade of Gold.

SY 23 Crusade of Gold begins

SY 20 Temec Khan finds Thrice Blessed Writ, gains the Power Millenary

SY 12 Conquest of Malgublostan, Crusade of Paper begins.

SY 10 Crusade of Brass begins

SY 1 Sovereign Warband Established

***1) Date system: Sovereign’s Year/Before Empire established.

BE 10 Final Tiefling Bastion Or-Mandraza burns to the ground, War of Spires ends.

BE 19 Aen Jor, (Temec Khan) Born.

BE 25 Tieflings release Lord of Tempests, Dragonborn capital destroyed, plague spreads killing most of the dragonborn population. Over next few years dragonborn empire dissolves.

BE 26 Dragonborn push into Tiefling capital and capture it, Tiefling leaders scatter.

BE 123 Dwarves of Alterkeep withdraw their support of Dragonborn, retreat into the mountains.

BE 190 Tieflings Capture six major dragonborn cities in one night.

BE 200 Priests of An-Hazur finish the Covenant Malignant, citizens are invested with infernal power, become first Tieflings.

BE 205 Clearly outmatched by Thronereach, the priests of An-Hazur begin research into the Covenant Malignant.

BE 210 Assasination of An-Hazur’s king Izad al Hazan by Dragonborn operatives, An-Hazur declares war on Thronereach, War of Spires begins.

BE 220 First skirmishes between humans of An-Hazur and the dragonborn of Thronereach begin.

BE 240 Empire of An-Hazur unified under Izad al Hazan, begins to expand westward.

BE 299 The Dragon Eoclepsis commands his children, the dragonborn of Thronereach, to expand his empire eastward, then disappears.

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