Vertex 12: The Bloom

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Vertex 12: The Bloom

Geography[edit | edit source]

The prime material has at least 4 known continent.

The Central Continent: Climate ranges from temperate to topical. With continent being divided into 5 major poltical regions. The Sage Coast, Seven Clans Total Control Area, Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands, Freelands, and Mandravo. The only major mountain range is the Shieldspine mountains between Diamond Throne and Mandravo

The Central Continent boast many different races including humans, elves, dwarfs, orcs, dragonborne, halflin, tiefling as well as others.

The Southern Continent: Is warm topical continent with mountains and large desert on the eastern part of the continent and dominated by swamps in its interior. The politics of the southern continent is nominated by merchants guild the largest of which is the Salamanders Coil, followed Capricorn and others.

Common Race of the Southern Continent include humans, kenku, minotaur, elves, as well as others.

The Eastern Continent: Little is known about the eastern continent other than the mention of Trade Prince by Prince Elk. Which by itself might be a questionable source.

The Western Continent: Nothing is known of the western continent.

Demiplanes[edit | edit source]

Astral Sea: Home of the gods this area boast the holy cities of Gods

Feywild: World of nature, divided into four seasons. The spring wood, Summer Canopy, Fields of Audium, and Fen of Winter each ruled by a seasonal sovereign.


The dark reflection of the feywild and even more dangerous.

The Underdark: Home of the Drow located deep within the roots of the natural world.

The Moon: Home of the Gods of the Void, the moon is a constantly changing world subject to madness and whims of its gods.