The Pen Addict No. 224: My Ink Smells

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"My Ink Smells"
The Pen Addict episode
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Original release dateSeptember 28, 2016 (2016-September-28)
Running time01:11:12
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"The Pen Addict 224: My Ink Smells" is the 224th episode of The Pen Addict, released on September 28, 2016.[1]

Official Description[edit | edit source]

UGH! Pen Pineapple Apple Pen! We bring you all of today’s hits on this episode, including a Lanier update, how and where to sell a pen, more death of handwriting talk, and catch up on the latest #asktpa.

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  • Pen Chalet: Click the ‘podcast’ link at the top of the website and enter the password ‘penaddict’ for this week’s special offer, and to get your code for 10% off.
  • Criquet: Get 20% off with the code PENADDICT.

Show Notes[edit | edit source]

The Lanier Briefcase By Nock Co. by NockCo — Kickstarter

London Writing Equipment Show

Nock Co. Retail Tags - Instagram

Everyday Commentary: A Rebuttal to the Anti-Cursive Lady: Why Anne Trubek is Wrong

Everyday Commentary: Anne Trubek's Response

Everyday Commentary: My Responses to Anne Trubek's Rebuttal

Is handwriting obsolete in the digital age? - Home | q | CBC Radio

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References[edit | edit source]

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