The Pen Addict No. 144: Found it!

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"Found it!"
The Pen Addict episode
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Original release dateMarch 2, 2015 (2015-March-02)
Running time01:05:48
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"The Pen Addict 144: Found it!" is the 144th episode of The Pen Addict, released on March 02, 2015.[1]

Official Description[edit | edit source]

I hope you have been paying attention the last few weeks because a VERY IMPORTANT PEN has returned! Myke regales us with an amazing story, and Brad opens mail and reviews a plethora of new products.

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Show Notes[edit | edit source]

Mel's Amazing Recap

Mark Bacas' Orange VP


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Cult Pens Ink for Fountain Pens 80ml | Cult Pens

Calepino | Cult Pens

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The Well-Appointed Desk — Pelle Leather Journal Review

Other[edit | edit source]

Fan Art

References[edit | edit source]

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