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Blip Studios and Rooster Teeth Productions present a video game tournament like you've never seen. Gamers and superfans compete for a $10,000 grand prize in an epic video game competition known as The Gauntlet.
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The Gauntlet was an original reality TV series competition and game show, co-produced by Rooster Teeth and Blip Studios, centered around gaming where gamers and super fans (Rooster Teeth employees and special guests) compete in an epic video game competition and win a #10,000 worth grand prize. The promo initially debuted on October 31, 2012. Season 1 debuted on November 1, 2012 and concluded on December 27, 2012 after ten episodes. Season 2 debuted on September 2, 2013. The series finale was uploaded on November 24, 2013. Season 2 Deleted Scenes was released on November 28, 2013. The last video, Season 2 - Missing Interviews, was released on December 2, 2013.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

In the first season, sponsored by Geico and hosted by Ali Baker, players from around the nation gather to compete in a video game competition for $10,000. Burnie Burns, the "games master", has the power to send up to four players home in any given competition week– at least one elimination is made each week. The coaches each lead teams of four players. Brooke leads Yellow Team, Gustavo Sorola leads Red, Joel Heyman leads Blue, and Caleb leads Green. During each episode, each team competes in multiplayer game matches based on a certain theme. The losers of the initial round are then sent to The Gauntlet, where they have one last chance of redemption. The winner of the Gauntlet stays, the loser leaves. The losing coaches makes cameo appearances in the subsequent episodes in some way or form, usually as commentators. As of Episode 8, the final four players merged into one team for the finale.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Theme Initial Challenge Gauntlet Challenge Result Air Date Link


Series Premiere

Many contestants get interviewed for a spot in the Gauntlet competition The second round of Auditions where hopeful competitors play video games to test their skills The list of possible competitors was narrowed down to 19 contestants October 2012 1
2 Meeting the Coaches The 19 contestants meet Roosterteeth Staff who, unbeknownst to them, are the coaches Four of the remaining contestants not on a team play in Super Smash Bros Melee for the spot. Kyle is placed on Red Team, three other contestants are eliminated November 6, 2012 2

The four teams compete against each other in Team Fortress 2.

Handicap: The coaches will shoot the opposing team with Nerf Guns.

Winners: Caleb's and Brooke's teams

Losers: Joel's and Gus's teams

The losing teams compete in a game of Team Death match in Call of Duty: Black Ops Gus's team wins, Joel's entire team is eliminated November 13, 2012 3
4 The Concert

The three teams compete playing "Can't Trust Anybody Now" from RvB season 9 soundtrack in Rockband

Handicap: The coaches play various instruments and talk to annoy and distract the other teams.


Gus's team


Brooke's and Caleb's Team

The two losing teams compete for the highest total score in a game of DDR.

Monty Oum makes an appearance

Brooke's team wins,

Caleb's entire team is eliminated

November 23, 2012 4
5 Halo: Combat Evolved

The remaining two teams play each other in Halo CE in a Capture the Flag game at Blood Gulch. First to score wins.

Handicap: Brooke and Gus throw plushie Grifballs at the opposing team, the players have to use big controllers.


Gus's team


Brooke's team

Brooke's team is forced to compete against each other in a Free for All match to 15 kills. The player with the lowest number of kills gets sent home. Robert loses and is sent home. November 30, 2012 5
6 Super Mario Bros.

The remaining team plays to see who can win 4 separate Mario games.

Winner: Brooke's Team


Gus's team

The losing team has to compete against each other in the first level of Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels (known as Super Mario Bros 2 in Japan) Last one to finish gets sent home Thomas is sent home December 6, 2012 6
7 Zombie Day

The two teams compete in Scavenger mode in Left 4 Dead 2. Best of 3


Gus's Team


Brooke's Team

The losing team has to compete in House of the Dead 3 Overkill.

Last to 10,000 points gets sent home.

Justin is sent home December 14, 2012 7
8 Minecraft

The remaining 5 players compete in a battle royale in Minecraft, the bottom two will compete in Minecraft for the final spot in the merged teams

Josh and Jeremy compete for the final spot in the last team in a best of 5 in Soul Caliber

Jeremy is sent home.

The final four competitors are: David, Josh, Kyle, and Tim

December 20, 2012 8
9 Meet The Final Four This episode gives an overview of each of the finalists' lives N/A N/A December 24, 2012 9
10 The Finale The tournament is now always in The Gauntlet Challenge, and the loser has no chance at redemption and is automatically sent home.

The first game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive- Arms Race. Loser is sent home

The second game involves a Warthog race in the last part of the last level in the Halo 3 campaign

The two finalists compete for the grand prize in a game of Tetris

David loses the first round

Kyle loses the second round

Josh loses the final round

Tim wins the competition

December 27, 2012 10

Season 2[edit | edit source]

The Competitors[edit | edit source]

Unlike Season 1, Season 2 features a different competition style, is sponsored by Verizon Wireless, and is hosted by Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman. There are four teams like the first season. However, one team will be made of members of the Rooster Teeth Community, another made of Rooster Teeth Employees, a third of Achievement Hunters, and fourth will be of internet celebrities. The winning player will receive $10,000 to donate to a charity of their choice.

The community team was selected from a tryout process at RTX 2013. The first phase of tryouts consisted of thousands of gamers trying to get the high score in games such as Battle Block Theater, Trials Evolution, and Geometry Wars. Then, the 17 top players are then called back to the main stage at RTX to compete for a spot on the community team.

The Teams[edit | edit source]

Community Team: Jaden, Ilan, Stan, Cory

Rooster Teeth Team: Gus Sorola, Jordan Cwierz, Barbara Dunkelman, and Miles Luna.

Achievement Hunter Team: Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Lindsay Tuggey, and Ryan Haywood.

Celebrity Team: Freddie Wong (FreddieW), Justine Ezarik (iJustine), Adam Kovic, and Greg Miller. 

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Theme Initial Challenge Gauntlet Challenge Result Air Date Link

Auditions Part 1

Season Premiere

Thousands of Gamers compete to be in Round 2 of the tryout. Special Guests: Freddie W, The Champion and Finalists of Season 1 N/A 17 candidates have been selected to go to Round 2 September 1, 2013 1
2 Auditions Part 2 The 17 chosen candidates go to the RTX mainstage for the second round of the tryouts A fake interview. The players for the community team have been selected September 8, 2013 2
3 Halo 4: King of the Mountain  Members of the RTX/ Community team revealed. The four teams go head-to-head in the first challenge of The Gauntlet: a game of Halo 4. One game of Halo 4: King of the Mountain. First team to 150 points wins. Community Team wins immunity from elimination. October 20, 2013 3
4 Sonic Relay The Celebrity, Rooster Teeth, and Achievement Hunter Teams participate in a relay to see which teams can avoid elimination. Each member plays one Sonic game, then must hand over control to the next team member. Once all four team members have completed their games, the team is safe from elimination Celebrity Team eliminated. October 27, 2013 4


Team Competition Each team plays a mobile game based on communication. The two teams who make it the furthest will compete for immunity The two winning teams from last round will play co-op Portal 2, where the players will be blindfolded and have to rely on instructions given to them by the other teammates Rooster Teeth team wins immunity November 3, 2013


6 Achievement Hunter fights RTX  N/A The losers of the last challenge (Achievement Hunter & RTX) will battle in 5 different fighting games. The first team to lose 3 games is eliminated. Team RTX beats Achievement Hunter 3-0 November 10, 2013  6
Battle for Redemption The final 2 teams (Team Roosterteeth & Team RTX) face off in the PC game Smite. First team to get to 0 points loses.

All 12 players from the 3 eliminated teams play individually in Unreal Tournment 2004. The last player standing wins and returns to the game to face off against the 4 RTX players in the finale.

12th: Barbara (Roosterteeth)

11th: Ryan (Achievement Hunter)

10th: Lindsay (Achievement Hunter)

9th: Jordan (Roosterteeth)

8th: Gavin (Achievement Hunter)

7th: Michael (Achievement Hunter)

6th: Miles (Roosterteeth)

5th: Gus (Roosterteeth)

4th: Justine (Celebrity)

3rd: Freddie (Celebrity)

2nd: Adam (Celebrity)

1st: Greg (Celebrity)

Team RTX beats Team Roosterteeth; Greg Miller (Celebrity Team) returns to play in the finale. November 17, 2013 7
8 Season Finale The Final 5 played Wolfenstien 3D and had to face off against the Hitler boss. The first 2 players to kill Hitler will advance to the final round.  The Final 2 players faced off in Dive Kick. The first player to win 7 games wins The Gauntlet Season 2.  Cory and Ilan win Round 1; Ilan wins the Final Round 7-2. November 24, 2013 8

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In episode 7 everyone Favours Freddie or Ryan to win, but Greg won using his 'legitimate strategy' However, Gus killed Greg only after he decided he was going to hide in the same spot.
  • There was a running gag in Season 2 with Joel complaining about how ridiculous the title sequence was - With alternate title sequences and transistions created by Joel and Jordan during episodes 6 and 7.
  • Josh from Season 1 and Stan from Season 2 both later begin working for Rooster Teeth, the former for Machinima and the latter in Live Action.