Rooster Teeth Shorts/Season 1

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The first season of Rooster Teeth Shorts consists of twenty short videos posted from April 28 to October 18, 2009. All twenty shorts are included in the Rooster Teeth Shorts: Volume One DVD.

Shorts[edit | edit source]

Number Short Date Summary
1 "The Recording Session" April 28, 2009 A look into one of Shannon's recording sessions. Burnie and Geoff share some unusual insights.
2 "Spoiler Alert" May 6, 2009 Joel finally gets fed up with Matt's problem of spoiling movies and books.
3 "Writer's Balk" May 20, 2009 Joel's attempts to write a Rooster Teeth short are disrupted by the rest of the Rooster Teeth crew.
4 "Saving Face" May 27, 2009 Burnie and Gus talk about how to save during the recession, ending up with Gus' beard being stolen.
5 "Dev Cycle" June 5, 2009 Geoff tries to make his own video game.
6 "Random, Mandatory' June 12, 2009 Burnie talks to Geoff about his drug test results.
7 "Catch" June 18, 2009 Joel, Nathan and Matt play catch.
8 "Crazy Dream" June 26, 2009 Geoff talks to Joel about a crazy dream of his involving a mysterious box.
9 "Lunch Bunch" July 4, 2009 Burnie, Gus, Joel and Geoff get into a confrontation in the lunch room about stolen food.
10 "Warning / Error" July 11, 2009 Joel and Gus have to deal with a rebellious computer with a personality of its own.
11 "Gratuities Are Appreciated" July 17, 2009 Geoff sets up a tip jar at his desk.
12 "Hotel Buddies" July 28, 2009 While visiting the San Diego Comic-Con, Joel and Matt share a hotel room.
13 "Mixed Messages" August 2, 2009 Gavin gives Geoff a barrage of bad news.
14 "Behind RT Shorts: Dress Rehearsal" August 14, 2009 Behind-the-scenes footage of a failed Rooster Teeth short.
15 "Blur" August 26, 2009 Matt decides to blur out footage while editing videos.
16 "Secret Door" September 5, 2009 Gavin becomes curious about a secret door.
17 "Pongo!" September 15, 2009 Burnie hires a new intern named Pongo.
18 "Chain of Thought" September 28, 2009 When Burnie makes Geoff fill out an "actualization report", he tries to pass on the work to Gus and creates a chain.
19 "New Old Car" October 6, 2009 Jason shows Gus his new car.
20 "Conspiracy Weary" October 18, 2009

Joel and Matt talk about conspiracy theories.