Secret Door

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Secret Door, is an American Rooster Teeth Live action short comedy film and live action sketch comedy skit episode of RT Shorts uploaded to YouTube on September 5, 2010, showing why Gavin should not open certain doors. In the video, Gavino becomes very curious about a Door no one in the office wants him to open.

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Rooster Teeth Shorts

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Burnie Burns Geoff Ramsey Gus Sorola Gavin Free Ben King

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Matt Hullum

Producers[edit | edit source]

Burnie Burns Matt Hullum

Writers[edit | edit source]

Matt Hullum Burnie Burns Geoff Ramsey Gus Sorola Joel Heyman

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Comedy Gaming

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Standard YouTube License

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As Gavin goes to put away a CD set, he is stopped at a door by Gus and Geoff, questioning what he's trying to do. Gavin says he is trying to put something away, but Gus and Geoff say that this door should never be opened. He later talks to Burnie about Geoff and Gus's weird behavior. When Gavin mentions the door, Burnie begins acting in the same way the other two did, saying he should just forget about the door. Later on at night, Gavin sneaks into the office and opens the door, shocking him to see what's behind it. Gus, Burnie, and Geoff appear suddenly and explain that Gavin was cloned, and that all the failed clones, plus Ben, were thrown into that closet. It was also been revealed that Gus had been cloned and the clones underwent hypno-therapy. Gavin is then thrown into the clone closet, but realizing they needed the original out, they remove Ben, mistaking him for the original.

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File:Secret Door