Never Not Funny

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Never Not Funny
Hosted byJimmy Pardo
Matt Belknap
UpdatesWednesdays (free episode) and Sundays (Primo episodes)
LengthApprox. 2 Hours
CameraEliot Hochberg
ProductionMatt Belknap
Video formatMP4
Audio formatMP3
Original releaseApril 4, 2006 – present

Never Not Funny is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Jimmy Pardo, since spring 2006. He and producer/co-host Matt Belknap have appeared in every episode. Former co-host Mike Schmidt appeared for all of season one, except for episode 60, when his departure was announced.

The show moved to a pay format, in March 2008, with the first twenty minutes of each show remaining available to non-paying subscribers. It subsequently returned to free distribution when it joined the Earwolf network in January 2014, with a premium subscription available for access to video and weekly bonus episodes. Episodes from past seasons are also commercially available.[1]

Show format[edit | edit source]

The show is of the comedy talk variety, consisting of free-form conversation between Jimmy Pardo, Matt Belknap and a third, weekly-changing guest. The top of the show consists of just the regular hosts and then bringing the guest into the mix in the second half. Jimmy often becomes infuriated with guests if they arrive too early, interrupting the pre break part of the show. Topics discussed range from music and popular culture to personal lives and amusing or interesting anecdotes. Starting with season three, the last 5–20 minutes were dedicated to a listener-submitted "Stupid Question Of The Week." The segment has since been retired. At the beginning of season five, a new segment called "Judge Jimmy" was introduced, in which the cast settled a listener-submitted dispute with Pardo as judge and Belknap and the guest as the attorneys.

Until the end of the third season, the show was recorded in a single take without any editing. After the 2008 Chino Hills earthquake forced the show to stop briefly (originally so Jimmy, Matt and guest Patton Oswalt could check on family members) the podcast has had one small break per episode.

History[edit | edit source]

Never Not Funny began when Matt Belknap interviewed Pardo on the podcast for his popular alternative comedy forum A Special Thing. The two had previously discussed producing a podcast version of Jimmy's Los Angeles show "Running Your Trap," which he hosted at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, but they hit it off so well on AST Radio that Pardo said "This is the show."

The first episode featured Pardo, Belknap, and guest Mike Schmidt. Pat Francis was scheduled for episode 2, but when he was unavailable, Schmidt (usually referred to by Pardo as "The Former Third Baseman" after the similarly named baseball player) became the permanent co-host. This arrangement continued for the first season. Every fourth episode would feature a guest such as Pat Francis, Scott Aukerman or Graham Elwood. Midway through the first season, the theme song was changed from a brief portion of an unnamed instrumental song by Jimmy's close friend Daver to "Mad At The World" by Daver, with sound bites from previous episodes mixed into the song. This three-man setup lasted for sixty episodes, including a clip show and two live shows recorded at the UCB Theatre. The show went through little change throughout the first season until episode sixty, when Jimmy announced that his relationship with Mike Schmidt had become strained through the years and that they had decided to go their separate ways; Schmidt left the show in an attempt to reconcile their friendship. (Show notes for episode 60.) Mike explained the situation on May 25, 2007, on his website.[2] In March 2008, Mike started his own solo podcast named The 40 Year Old Boy. At the end of season six, Schmidt made his first return to the podcast, this time as a guest, when Pardo decided, "Life's too short." (Show notes for Episode 623 with Mike Schmidt.)

Following Schmidt's departure, the show began its second season. Instead of the former three-man lineup, Pardo and Belknap appeared as the only regulars, along with a rotating guest every episode. Pat Francis was the guest for the first episode of the second season, which began the tradition of Francis being the "third chair" and appearing on every fourth episode. It was in the second season that the show received its first sponsorship, lasting only a few weeks. On episode 39 of the second season, it was announced that the show would move to a pay format beginning with season three. Listeners would have to pay to continue receiving the complete podcast, although the first twenty minutes of each episode would still be available for free. The subscription price was set to $19.99 for 26 episodes. They also hired Pardo's brother-in-law Andrew Koenig to record video of the show. Only 5 minute clips of the show were available on video during season three, which were hosted on Koenig's site Monkey Go Lucky, but beginning with season four, full video of the show became available for $24.99.

Midway through season six tragedy struck when Andrew Koenig died. An episode was released in remembrance, highlighting some of Koenig's best moments throughout his time on the show, and Pardo has since memorialized Koenig at the close of every episode with the parting words, "AK-47, gone, not forgotten." Andrew's close friend Eliot Hochberg, who had been providing the video equipment, assumed his role as videographer. Shortly afterwards they hired an intern, Dan Katz, aka "Tabasco Ears." Katz left the show at the beginning of season 11 and was replaced by Pop Culture Beast editor Garon Cockrell, aka "The Beast," shortly after.

On episode 1325, it was announced that at the beginning of season 14, Never Not Funny would change to a free show in audio format. Plus, Never Not Funny would also join the Earwolf podcast network, co-owned by Scott Aukerman (who was the guest on the episode and one of the only guests to appear in every season). Full audio would be available on Earwolf, iTunes and NNF's feed, while video of the episodes were part of the new "Players Club" package for Primo subscribers. Subscribers of the Players Club would also get an additional weekly episode (audio and video), plus bonus material such as live shows.

Pardcast-A-Thon[edit | edit source]

A mini episode was released at the beginning of season six that announced Never Not Funny would be doing a live, streaming podcast on their website to raise money in benefit of Smile Train. The first annual Pardcast-A-Thon took place on Black Friday 2009. Pardo, Belknap and Francis welcomed guests such as Chris Hardwick, Jon Hamm and Rich Sommer from Mad Men and Oscar Nunez. By the end of the night, they raised over $12,000.

The next year at Pardcast-A-Thon 2010, they changed the venue to the Acme Comedy Theater and went 12 hours instead of 9 to give even more of a telethon vibe (and raise more money). At the end of the night at 6 am, they raised $27,000. Guests included Rob Corddry, Sarah Silverman, Aimee Mann and Andy Richter.

For Pardcast-A-Thon 2011, the set up was the same as the previous year. Guests included Amy Poehler, Lisa Loeb, Walter Koenig and Adam Carolla. By the end of the event, the amount of money raised was almost double the previous year's total with $41,000.

Pardcast-A-Thon 2012 was expected to the biggest to date with a goal of $50,000 by the end of the night. The hours were changed to 12 pm to 12 am PST so people on the East Coast could stay up later and donate more. Guests included Bob Saget, Conan O'Brien, Simon Helberg, Kevin Nealon, Colin Hay and Zach Galifianakis. The goal of $50,000 was not only raised after 13.5 hours, but midway through an anonymous donor said they would match the end total, making the grand total over $100,000.

The 5th Annual Pardcast-A-Thon went by with flying colors with the guys raising over $130,000 (half of that thanks to the anonymous donor again) by the end of the night. Wayne Federman sat in for the whole event playing music on keyboard. Guests included Patton Oswalt, Jack Wagner, Phil Hendrie, Zach Galifianakis, Bob Odenkirk and Andy Richter.

Pardcast-A-Thon 2014 was just as successful as the previous year, if not more. With Federman as the house band again, Jimmy and the gang raised a record $156,000 over the night. Guests included Weird Al Yankovic, Jack McBrayer, Paul Dooley, Fred Willard, Billy Eichner, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and more.

Pardo and Belknap stated in a Season 16 episode that The 7th Annual Pardcast-A-Thon will not take place on Black Friday 2015, due to many scheduling conflicts in the past. The 7th annual Pardcast-A-Thon took place on March 5, 2016. The event raised over $169,000. Guests included Rob Corddry, Timothy Omundson, Mike McShane, Conan O'Brien, Tommy Shaw, Jon Hamm and more with Wayne Federman on piano.

For Pardcast-A-Thon 2017, the venue changed to Flapper's Comedy Club after the podcast had a successful residency there. On March 4th, with Federman on keys, Jimmy and the gang raised over $140,000. Guests included Jon Cryer, Rachel Bloom, Sarah Silverman, Randall Park, Richard Kind, Angela Kinsey, Kumail Nanjiani, Mindy Sterling and more.

Awards[edit | edit source]

  • Never Not Funny was the winner a 2008 Rooftop Comedy Award for best Comedy podcast.[3]
  • Never Not Funny was nominated for a 2007 Podcast Award in the Comedy category.[4]
  • Never Not Funny was nominated for a 2006 Weblog Award.[5]
  • Never Not Funny was made one of iTunes' "Best in 2006" and "Best in 2007" podcasts.

List of guests[edit | edit source]

Guest Episode #
Aaron Bleyaert 14L
Adam Carolla 507, PCAT11
Adam Ferrara 1108, 1413, 1520
Adam Pally 1702
Adam Ray 1807, 20K
Adam Scott 808, 1402, PCAT14
Aimee Mann PCAT10
Aisha Tyler 919
Al Jackson 1318, 14V, 1715, 20F
Al Madrigal 701, 902, 2016
Alison Rosen 1606, PCAT16, 21U
Allan Havey 806, PCAT14
Amber Rose 1823
Amy Poehler PCAT11
Andrea Savage 2021
Andrew Daly 302, 421, 624, 805, 1201, 1405, 1602, 1625, PCAT16, 1910, PCAT17
Andy Kindler 220, 703, 913, 1125
Andy Peters 15P
Andy Richter 410, 622, PCAT10, 821, PCAT11, PCAT13, PCAT17
Angela Kinsey PCAT17
Annabelle Gurwitch 2009
Anthony Jeselnik 1619
Anthony Rapp 1621, 1720, PCAT16, 1913, 20U
Aparna Nancherla 18S
April Richardson 14M, 15O, 16Y, 18C, PCAT16, 19J, 20R, 21N
Ben Gleib 1506
Ben Schwartz 1309, 1502, PCAT14, PCAT16
Bil Dwyer 148, 317, 422, 601, PCAT11, 1011, 15A, 19L
Billy Eichner 1510, PCAT14
Bob Odenkirk PCAT13
Bob Saget PCAT12, 1418
Bob Zany 1208
Brandie Posey 19N, 20N
Brendon Walsh 17K
Brian Huskey 1914
Brian Noonan 18N
Brian Scolaro 15Y
Brody Stevens PCAT09
Brooks Wheelan 15E
Budd Friedman PCAT13
Carla Cackowski 17Z
Carolyn Hennesy PCAT13
Cathy Ladman 236, 416, 17A, 20J, 21J
CeCe Pleasants 17B, 1824, PCAT17, 21O
Chad Daniels 20I
Chelsey Crisp 1813, PCAT17
Chick McGee BLOOMINGTON12, 19Z
Chip Chinery 17S
Chip Pope 17C
Chris Fairbanks 228, 406, 510, 625, 1007, 1213, 14W, PCAT14, 18B
Chris Hardwick 224, 310, 502, PCAT09, 1324, PCAT14
Chris Mancini 14D
Christian Finnegan BRIDGETOWN, 1225
Christy Stratton 1713
Colin Hay PCAT12
Conan O'Brien 608, 811, PCAT12, PCAT14
Costaki Economopoulos 1122
Craig Bierko 802, 1013, 1404
Cristela Alonzo 1617, 1725, PCAT16, 2001
Damien Fahey 910
Dan Cronin 1221
Dan Katz 14H
Dan Kaufman PCAT09
Dan Telfer 18T
Daniel Van Kirk PCAT17, 21Q
Dana Gould 1006
Danielle Fishel PCAT10
Danielle Koenig 132, 155, 205, 211, 226, 230, 239, 308, 412, 425, 522, PCAT09, 725, PCAT10, 912, PCAT11, 1014, PCAT12, 1308, PCAT13, 14F, PODFEST14, PCAT14, 16H, 17O, PCAT16, 19D, PCAT17, 2113
Dave Anthony 901, 1111
Dave Attell 1415
Dave Hill 16S
Dave Holmes 222, 225, 233, 301, 314, 401, 414, 512, 617, 726, PCAT10, PCAT11, 1002, 1113, PCAT12, 1317, PCAT13, 14A, 15K, PCAT14, 15Z, 1618, 1718, PCAT16, 1814, PCAT17, 2101
Dave Shumka 19C
David Feldman 1903
David Huntsberger 15D
David Koechner SKETCHFEST11
David & Leeman PCAT14
David Park 16B
David Steinberg 1724
David Wild 1822
Demi Adejuwigbe 21F
Diane Franklin 2007
Diedrich Bader 1817
Doug Benson 232, 305, 407, 516, PCAT10, 1023, PCAT12, PCAT13, 1511, PCAT14, PCAT16
Dwayne Perkins 1012
Ed Crasnick 917
Eddie Pepitone 1508
Eddie Trunk 816
Eli Braden PCAT11
Eliza Skinner 1705, 2012
Ellis Paul 810, ATLANTA, 1513, PCAT14, 1801
Erin Foley 1518, 16N, PCAT17, 2115
Florence Henderson SKETCHFEST12
Fred Stoller 1219, 14R, 2011
Fred Willard PCAT14
Garry Meier CHICAGO
Gary Brightwell 15N
Gary Gulman 1009, 1512, 1918
Gary Lucy 923, 14Q, 20Z
Geoff Tate 18K, 19Q, 21S
Grace Parra 1818
Graham Elwood 116, 203, 207, 237, 319, 418, 521, 616, PCAT10, 814, PCAT11, 1101, 1311, PCAT14, 1605, 19F
Greg Behrendt 318, 603, PCAT09, 702, BUMBERSHOOT, PCAT10, 825, PCAT11, PCAT12, 1202, PCAT13, 1409, PCAT14, 16T, PCAT16, 2002, PCAT17
Greg Fitzsimmons 505, 1116, 1806
Greg Proops 709, 1315
Greg Warren 15M
Guy Branum 1610
Harland Williams 1001, 1207
Henry Phillips 20C
Horatio Sanz 1711
Howard Kremer 1218, 18X
Hugh Fink 1021, PCAT12
J. Keith van Straaten 16R, 21R
Jack McBrayer PCAT13
Jack Wagner PCAT13
Jackie Kashian 718, 15G, 18M
Jake Fogelnest 1719
Jake Johannsen 1316
James Urbaniak 1701
Jamie Denbo 17J
Jamie Kaler 1904
Jamie Lee 1901, 2120
Janet Varney 419, 506, VANCOUVER, PCAT09, 708, 824, PCAT11, 1019, 1314, PCAT13, 1614, PCAT16, 19B, 2105
Jason Mantzoukas 1517
Jason Nash 14U, 1611
Jason Pardo 16M
Jason Thompson 1503, PCAT14
Jay Mohr 2014
Jeff Cesario 18P
Jeff Dye 2123
Jen Kirkman 409, 515, 622, PCAT10, 807, PCAT12, 1301, 1603, 1723, 2006
Jennifer Bartels 1818
Jere Burns 1810
Jesse Thorn 503, 607, 707, PCAT10, 920, PCAT11, 1217, PCAT13, 1417, 19W
Jessica Chaffin 19X
Jessica St. Clair 1419
Jill Kushner 17W
Jill Whelan PCAT13
Jim O'Heir 20Q, 2022Q
Jimmy Dore 144, 220, 316, 423, 605, PCAT09, 711, 1003, 1319, 15R
Joe DeRosa 1507, 17V
Joe Lo Truglio 618, 823, PCAT11, 1401, 16F
Joe Mantegna 1919
Joe Wagner 16K
Joel Stein 1220, PCAT13
John Butler 16G, 1820, 21I
John Heffron 221
John Mulaney 1114
John Ross Bowie 916, PCAT11, 1211, 1403, 14N, PCAT14, 1524, 1703, 17Z, PCAT16, 19M, PCAT17
Jon Cryer 1812, PCAT17
Jon Dore 1205
Jon Hamm 403, SKETCHFEST09, PCAT09, 721, 820, PCAT11, PCAT12, 1320, PCAT13, PCAT14, 1525, 1708, SKETCHFEST16, PCAT16, PCAT17
Jonah Ray 1105
Jonathan Katz 1123
Jordan Brady 15F, 20J
Jordan Morris PCAT09, 613, 16W
Josh Comers 1307
Josh Gondelman 17F, 1907, 2119
Judy Gold 1303
Julian McCullough 1112, 17L, 20V
Justin Willman PCAT16, 1805
Kailynn West 20O
Karen Kilgariff 14S, 1716, 18I, 20B
Karen Rontowski 19I, 21G
Kate Flannery 1609
Kathleen Wilhoite PCAT14
Keith and The Girl 1109, 15H
Keith Stubbs 1215, 18W, 19S
Ken Levine 2025
Ken Marino 909
Kevin Bigley 1607, 17X
Kevin Meaney NYC
Kevin Nealon PCAT12, PCAT14
Kevin Pereira 1008
Kevin Pollak 716, PCAT10, PCAT12
Kira Soltanovich 15I, 15X, 1815, PCAT17, 21B
Kulap Vilaysack 1505, 16E, 1804, 2020
Kumail Nanjiani 1312, 1616, PCAT17
Kurt Long 19H
Kyle Anderson 1808, 21C
Laraine Newman PCAT12
Larry Miller 1704
Laura House 1118, 14G, 21D
Lauren Ash 1410, PCAT14, 1622, PCAT16, 1920, PCAT17
Lauren Lapkus 1615
Laurie Kilmartin 621, 818, 1412, 15C, 17P, 1902, 19R
Lee Farber 2103
Lennon Parham 1419
Lenny Schmidt 17I
Lisa Loeb PCAT11, 19O
Marc Maron 610
Marc Summers 2111
Maria Bamford 208, 234, 401, MAXFUN09, 526, PCAT09, 907, 1121, 1501, 1819
Mark Volman 517
Matt Besser 622, 1514, 2109
Matt Braunger 513, 719, 1103, 1408, PCAT14, 2102
Matt Donaher 19A, 21H
Matt Gourley 15J, 16I, 20A
Matt Iseman 1923
Matt Mira 17D
Matt Oswalt 1721
Matt Price 14X
Matt Walsh 313, 415, 518, 1015, 1216, PCAT13, 1411, 1608, 1714, PCAT16
Matt Weinhold 16C, 19V
Maz Jobrani 2017
Micah Sherman 1310
Michael Koman 1010
Michael Kosta 17G, 20E
Michael Sheen PCAT16
Michaela Watkins 2122
Michelle Biloon 20X
Mike Henry 15V, 19P, 21L
Mike McShane PCAT16
Mike Schmidt 623, 722, PCAT10, 925, 1018, PCAT12, 1222, PCAT13, 14C, PCAT14, 16F, 1915, 20H, 21M
Mike Siegel 124, 212, 235, 322, 420, 614, 1005, PCAT12, 1224, 14K, 16Q, 18A, 1917, 21A
Mike Sweeney 713, 1110
Mike Toomey CHICAGO
Milana Vayntrub 2124
Mindy Sterling 1911, PCAT17
Mo Mandel 15S
Moshe Kasher 921, 1017
Murray Valeriano 15B, 20S
Myq Kaplan 915, 1115, 14P, 2008
Neil Campbell PCAT14
Neil Garguilo 16B
Nick Kroll 1519
Nikki Glaser 1620, 1906, PODFEST17
Nug Nahrgang TORONTO
Oscar Nunez PCAT09, 1304, 15L
Pat Francis 108, 140, 201, 205, 209, 213, 215, 217, 220, 221, 229, 230, 236, 240, 303, 307, 311, 315, 320, 325, 404, 408, 413, 416, 420, 425, 504, 508, 514, 519, 523, 604, 609, 619, 622, 704, 710, 714, 723, 804, 817, 906, 922, 1018, 1026, 1124, 1214, 1306, 14E, 14Z, 1515, 15U, 16F, 16O, 1707, 17R, 17Z, 1809, 18U, 19T
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Paul Dooley PCAT14
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Paul Provenza 1523
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Pete Schwaba 152, 209, 216, 17U
Phil Hendrie 1107, PCAT13, PCAT14
Phil Rosenthal 1709, PCAT16
Quinn Cummings 2010
Rachel Bloom 1922, PCAT17
Rachel Dratch NYC
Rachel Quaintance 417, 525, PCAT09, 620, 801, PCAT10, PCAT11, 1024, 1210, 1323, 14B, PCAT14, 16A, 17N, 18R, PCAT17, 20W
Randall Park PCAT17
Rebecca Corry 905, PCAT11
Rebecca Loebe 18J, 21V
Regan Burns 1204
Rhett and Link 1921, PCAT17
Rhett Reese 1813
Rich Sommer PCAT09, 612, PCAT10, 815, PCAT11, PCAT12, 1209, PODFEST13, PCAT13, 1406, 14O, PCAT14, 15T, 1601, 16F, 16U, PCAT16, 1821, 1925, 2108
Richard Kind 1802, PCAT17
Richard Lewis 1117
Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg PCAT10
Ritch Shydner 1912
RJ Thieneman 14L
Rob Corddry 312, 402, PCAT10, 1120, PCAT12, 1504, PCAT16
Romesh Ranganathan 2118
Ron Lynch 20G
Rory O'Malley 2104
Russ McGarry 903, 17H
Russell Howard 2013
Samm Levine 520, 1020, PCAT12
Sarah Colonna 1604
Sarah Silverman 706, PCAT10, PCAT12, PCAT14, PCAT16, PCAT17
Scott Aukerman 112, 130, 156, 206, 219, 227, 238, 304, 323, 411, 501, PCAT09, 626, 724, 826, 924, 1022, PCAT12, 1126, 1226, PCAT13, 1325, 1414, PCAT14, 1522, 1623, 1722, PCAT16, 1825, 1924, PCAT17, 2024, 21W
Scott Gimple PCAT14
Scott Thompson 720, 18G
Sean Cullen 819, 17Q
Seth Morris 1321
Shane Mauss 16L, 19G
Simon Helberg PCAT12
Sinbad 1421
The Sklar Brothers 210, 218, 509, 1425, 2114
Stefanie Wilder-Taylor 14J
Steve Agee PCAT10, 1206
Steve Almond 705
Steve Dahl 1916
Steven Weber 1803
Stuart Goldsmith 1908
Suli McCullough 2003
Super Dave Osborne PCAT13
Susannah Schaefer 16Z
Tami Sagher PCAT10, 1106, 2019
Tess Rafferty 20M
Tig Notaro 1004, 1416, PCAT14, 2117
Timothy Omundson PCAT16
Timothy Simons 1613
T.J. Miller 1612
Todd Barry 1710
Todd Glass 136, 306, 405, 511, 611, 809, 908, 1025, 1322, SKETCHFEST14, 1420, 16J, PCAT16, 2121
Todd Levin 606, PCAT09, 717, PCAT10, PCAT11, 1104, PCAT12, PCAT13, 1423, PCAT14, 16D, 1624, PCAT16, 1905, PCAT17
Todd Van Allen TORONTO
Tom Arnold 1016, 2023
Tom Bergeron 1816, 2018
Tom Dreesen PCAT10
Tom Papa 2110
Tom Simmons 19Y
Tom Snyder 1123
Tom Wilson 911
Tommy Johnagin 1102, 1305
Tommy Shaw PCAT16
Tony Thaxton PCAT13, PCAT14, PCAT16, 18F, PCAT17, 20O
Ty Burrell 712, 914
Vance Gilbert 1422, PCAT17
Walter Koenig PCAT11
Wayne Federman 918, PCAT11, 1212, PCAT13, PCAT14, 15W, 1712, PCAT16, PCAT17
"Weird Al" Yankovic 1424, PCAT14
Wendi McLendon-Covey PCAT14
Wendy Liebman 1203
Wheeler Walker Jr. 2107
Wil Anderson 904
Will Forte 813
Wink Martindale PCAT14
Zac Brooks AUSTIN
Zach Galifianakis PCAT12, PCAT13, PCAT14

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