Nat and Marie

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Nat & Marie
Created byAnastasia Tubanos
Marie Nicola
Matt Read
Directed byTim Sandik
Presented byAnastasia Tubanos
Marie Nicola
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes46 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Marie Nicola
Anastasia Tubanos
Matt Read
Running time60 minutes (although it frequently goes over)
Picture format16:9
Original releaseOctober 21, 2010 (2010-10-21) – present
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Nat & Marie is an interactive Canadian Internet talk show hosted by Anastasia “Nat” Tubanos and Marie Nicola, who provide their commentary on online pop-culture, viral videos, interesting online content, digital news, celebrities (or ceWebrities as they are referred to on the show), and other parts of internet culture like trending topics. Each show also features an element of live music, most often hip hop, rap and R&B. Airing

Since the creation on the show Nat & Marie have successfully channelled their brand as a commentator for online culture for Huffington Post and presenters.

History[edit | edit source]

Nat & Marie premiered on Ustream on October 21, 2010, starring Anastasia “Nat” Tubanos and Marie Nicola. It focuses on Internet Online Culture, sharing a format that's most often referred to as Internet Aftershow and/or “The Female Diggnation.[1]

While both Nat & Marie were working creatively together for some time, the concept for Nat & Marie began as an entry for "Best travel Job Ever", an online travel contest.[2] After failing to make the final round for the competition Nat and Marie took a break before launching Nat & Marie as a live-streaming talkshow in October 2010.

According to Nat & Marie, prior to the launch of the live-format talkshow, they were actively creating and pitching shows to networks in Canada but the process was slow moving. In the interest of continuing to produce and have controle over their own content, they chose to explore online as the main distribution channel for their show.[3]

Format[edit | edit source]

Each episode begins with a cold open of a clip from on online video that was featured in the previous week's "Will it Go Viral?" segment. The opening clip usually earned the most viewer votes in order to be selected. Following the opening video, the show goes directly into the "411 in 140" segment where Nat & Marie report online news as if they were tweets. They noted that they "can never stop ourselves from going over '140' characters" because "it (Twitter) works different with voice".[4] The "411 in 140" then ends with the girls saying "That's it for the 411 now let's get into it!" before the show credits roll.

Other Nat & Marie segments include:

  • "The Hot 5" a somewhat humorous look at the best/worst the web has to offer, including DIYs, websites, blogs, videos, phone apps, games, etc.
  • "Will it Go Viral?," showing two potentially viral video clips as chosen by both Nat and Marie. Viewers vote for the video they think is more viral by using either #NatVideo or #MarieVideo on Twitter. Voting continues for the week in between shows with the winning clip opening the show.
  • "Trending Topics," a look at what people are talking about and what's trending in different parts of the world, includes hashtags and videos.
  • A live musical performance in studio with different bands, DJ's, rap artists, etc. Normally perform twice, once after "The Hot 5" and once to play out the show.
  • An interview with an online celebrity.

Occasionally "The Hot 5" is followed up with "The Not 5" on the Nat & Marie tumblr page as a comical antithesis of the content that aired on the show.

During each show viewers are invited to interact and be a part of the live broadcast by reaching out to Nat & Marie via their Twitter [5] account or call in using Skype. Viewers are encouraged to call in with questions for guests and thoughts on a "Question of the Night" (a topical and slightly controversial question related to online culture).

Guests[edit | edit source]

Some of the previous guests on Nat & Marie have included: George Stroumboulopoulos, Epic Meal Time, Jay Adelson, Amber MacArthur, Hannah "Harto" Hart of My Drunk Kitchen, Paul Kontonis Chair of the International Academy of Web Television Jon Rettinger of TechnoBuffalo, Joe Nicolosi of PixelsPerSecond, Nancy Upton, YouTube and Viral Video celebrity "The Korean Drummer", Flula Borg, Fashion Designer Breeyn McCarney,[6] Andrew Huang of Songs to Wear Pants To, Spesh K, Jus Frais, Tiny Danza, Fresh Kils, Genie Award winner Mary Milne, The Counsellors and Fucker and the Men to name a few.

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