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NASA eClips is a web-based video and educator resource repository which focuses on grades K-5, 6-8, 9-12 and the general public.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

NASA eClips is public outreach effort funded by the NASA Headquarters Strategic Communication Office. The NASA eClips website offers educational video segments and instructional materials, such as lesson plans, designed for use in the classroom.

NASA eClips comprises four programs, which are produced for targeted audiences.

  • Our World (K-5)
  • Real World (6-8)
  • Launchpad (9-12)
  • NASA 360 (general public)

In total, there are more than two hundred and thirty videos exploring current applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, topics. The videos are searchable by title, grade level, keyword, and description. RSS feeds are available for each of the programs.

The material offered by NASA eClips is selected based on national curriculum standards identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Science Teachers Association, and the International Society for Technology in Education. NASA eClips supports the 5E constructivist learning cycle.

Reception[edit | edit source]

NASA eClips has won numerous awards including an iParenting Media Award,[2] and a regional Emmy award.[3]

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