Karas Pen Co Render K

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The Render K was the first machined pen produced by Karas Kustoms, and was a crowdfunded product on Kickstarter in 2011-2012. The product offering was a aluminum-bodied pen focused around the popular ink refills of the Pilot Hi-Tec-C, Parker pen, and Fisher Space pen ink refills.

Because Karas Kustoms already worked with custom metal products, the company used the campaign aimed to raise funds for special tooling to create the necessary pen clips. It was wildly successful, surpassing the expected $3,000 goal within the first 24 hours[1]. The campaign also offered a brass version of the pen for backers.

The success of the initial Render K campaign allowed for Karas Kustoms to devote more time toward pen designs. The company was able to extend into more pen-types and product lines via Kickstarter, including The Bolt and Retrakt click pens, and The Ink fountain pen.

In 2015 the Fountain K was later added[2] to the "K Series", and a slight remodel of the Render K allowed for interchanging of the grips, sections, and refills between the two lines.

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