Grey Veld Band

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The Elves of the Grey Veld encountered Torq, Orem, Randus and Smith as they traveled from the Exilarchy of Cogs toward Diamond Throne. Originally suspecting them of Voidish chicanery, the elves discovered the party to be allies and gave Orem a green leather ribbon declaring them as such. They received a token from the party, a clod of earth inscribed with Torq's name, and were declared honorary sheriff of Moonhold, now destroyed.

Later the elves of the Grey Veld sent an emissary Endelolde to meet with delegates from the Black Oak band, the Exilarchy of Cogs, and Diamond Throne to discuss the Void menace. When the Void menace interrupted the proceedings, the delegates were resolved to fight together.

The Elves of the Grey Veld sent warriors to help in the assault on the Moon.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

  1. Alvalonde-Leader of the Grey Veld Band
  2. Endelolde-Senior member sent to talk to Sir Phillipus of the Grange, Arbalest, and Fyreleth