Black Oak band

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The elves of the Black Oak band met Torq, Orem, Randus, and Smith while investigating a Void compound in the Black Oak Woods. They were quickly assured by Orem that he and his companions were enemies of the Void using a ribbon from the Grey Veld Band. The Black Oak elves invited the party to accompany them to their community in the trees while some elves stayed behind to set up the compound as an ambush for travelling Void cultists.

On arriving at one of the Elvish flets, the elves shared some of their Eleven granola with the party, they listened to Orem's pods of casting and agreed that the Void menace had to be stopped. After the party left, the elves sent an emissary to meet with delegates from the Exilarchy of Cogs, the Grey Veld band, and Diamond Throne to discuss possible actions regarding the void. During the proceedings, Void creatures attacked the keep and hardened their resolve to fight.

The Black Oak band sent warriors with the Exliarchy of Cogs to assault the Moon.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

  1. Fyreleth-Elf sent by the Black Oak Band to talk Sir Phillipus of the GrangeArbalest, and Endelolde
  2. Etheryl-The Black Oak band's leader.
  3. Elvelond-Served as Etheryl's scribe.